Playoff Selection Committee


SEC member schools are making a list and checking it twice. The conference wants recommendations for the playoffs selection committee by Friday.

According to several SEC athletic directors and coaches, their preference is to have non-active coaches, athletic directors and administrators on that committee, which would be different from the selection committee for the NCAA basketball tournament. Current commissioners and athletic directors serve on the hoops committee.However, Bill Hancock, the executive director of the College Football Playoff, said Wednesday that the working model for the selection committee doesn’t necessarily rule out current athletic directors, although current conference commissioners would not be a part of the committee.

“I think past ADs, old coaches and old players, but guys who are really for the college experience, is the way to go,” LSU coach Les Miles said. “They’ll be able to do the job without reflection on where they’re from. The problem with the current coaches and current ADs is that they all have a bias, and it’s impossible to remove it from them.”



We need an 8 team or 16 team play-off.

The lesser, over rated teams (Notre Dame, Ohio State) will quickly be flushed out.

converted 1981
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There will be a "Bias" from anyone that has a Love of College Football - especially ones that have been affiliated with a team for many years in the past.  The "problem" is getting a large enough Balance to offset any built in Bias.


I think the idea of a 4 team playoff is perfect. it keeps integrity in the regular season. that said, more football is never a bad thing (and a larger playoff = more football)


@converted 1981 

Exactly.  But going with people like former coaches & players, who know and understand the game, is the best it is ever going to be.  Many don't realize it, but that group would be more objective than any other group, by definition.

I think being a former Div.1 college player should be an absolute qualification.  Most coaches are, but many AD's and administrators are not.

Players are less likely to be influenced by bias than any other group.  That is because, having played the game, they have a true sense of reality about it that many others lack.