Kentucky Offers 7th Grader


If his parents could accept a binding agreement (today) with UK there would be no offer. This gesture will get Stoops and Kentucky plenty of publicity and that’s the plan.

Kentucky extended a scholarship offer to 7th grader and 13-year-old Jairus Brents. Brents attended Kentucky’s football camp over the weekend.Brents, from Indiana, is a corner in the class of 2018. Although it’s an accomplishment to get offered so early, he says it’s not that big of a deal, via ESPN.

“It’s not a big deal. It’s just an offer,” Brents said.

“It’s a good accomplishment, but I’m focusing on being the best cornerback ever and working hard.”

The 5-8, 152-pound Brents was placed into a group of 2014 receivers at Kentucky’s camp, and he picked off three passes and broke up several others.

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I know folks don't view this terminology in its traditional sense, but by contract law if the promise cannot be accepted and made binding immediately, it is not an "offer."  For a promise to be an "offer," it must create a power of acceptance permitting the offeree, by his acceptance, to transform the promise into a binding, contractual obligation. 

In the NCAA scholarship setting, the "offer" is the paperwork that accompanies the NLI form that is sent to the prospect.  Everything else is just a promise, which is free to be broken at the whim of the promisee and with no legal recourse.

So, in essense, @ecdawg is right.


@LawDawg2011 Could you please inform Saban about these conditions and tell him he is not giving a player an 'offer' if it is not comitable?  Thx!

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Being right is a rarity for me. I'l take being right "in essense."


GT coach came across a pre-K student who was counting on his fingers. Johnson was immediately impressed and offered the child a scholarship immediately. However, it was reported that over recess that same afternoon that the youngster was playing in a rival sandbox and CPJ revoked the scholarship.... Citing quote " the inability of a child to keep his commitments is unacceptable at GT."