Marshall Morgan Suspended for South Carolina Game

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On Coach Richt’s monday night call-in radio show, he finally admitted to Dawg Nation that Marshall Morgan would indeed be suspended for the upcoming South Carolina game in Sanford Stadium this Saturday at 4:30pm.

Richt has been coy with the media all summer after Morgan was arrested for Boating Under the Influence on Lake Sinclair this past June. Time and time again, credentialed media members had ask Richt straight out if Morgan would see the field vs. Clemson, in which Richt always danced around the question; most commonly telling them “You’ll have to wait and see.”

Morgan made the trip to Clemson this past Saturday, and went as far as warming up in full pads prior to the game. However, it was walk-on Patrick Beless who attempted, and made, all five extra points after the five UGA touchdowns. One field goal was called for by coach Richt, which would have been a chip-shot, twenty-yard attempt, but the snap was bothched and Beless never had the chance to kick the ball in what proved to be the difference in the 35-38 loss to Clesmon.

One could assume Beless will continue the kicking duties this Saturday in the place of the suspended Morgan.


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AthensHomerDawg3 2 Like

That's a pretty heavy penalty for underage beer consumption. It's not like he smoked pot. That would have only cost him one game though.

Logan Booker
Logan Booker 2 Like


As I understand it, and somebody please correct me if I am wrong, Morgan would hav been UNDER the legal limitat the time had he been 21 or over. 

If that was the case, I agree it's a pretty stiff penalty.

GoBigDog 2 Like

@Logan Booker @AthensHomerDawg3 Hi Logan, I thought that you were right about Marshall Morgan having a BAC well below the legal limit for adults.  But while researching the topic today, I found this in David Ching's article for ESPN DawgNation from 7/2/13:

"Upon stopping the watercraft, arresting ranger Lynn Stanford reported that Morgan admitted to drinking, so the ranger administered a field sobriety test. Stanford added that Morgan registered a .083 blood alcohol reading on an Alco-Sensor test and refused a chemical test. The legal limit for boating under the influence in Georgia is a .02 blood alcohol concentration for operators under age 21."

So from the ESPN article, it looks like Morgan tested legally under the influence, regardless of his age.

AthensHomerDawg3 1 Like

@dougscoffee@GoBigDog@Logan ya go. "Georgia athletic department policy dictates a suspension of at least 20 percent of an athlete’s season — in this case, two games — after a first-time DUI arrest. However, it is not known how a boating under the influence arrest will be handled, and a Georgia spokesman did not return an email for clarification on the rule. The department’s policy also states that a violation involving driving a motor vehicle after drinking alcohol will be dealt with similar to a positive drug test, which results in a suspension for 10 percent of the season, which equates to at least one game for a football player.He refused the chemical test... which is mandatory 12 suspension of boaters rights. Ouch.

dougscoffee 2 Like

@GoBigDog @Logan Booker @AthensHomerDawg3

  • Those 21 years of age or older are considered to be under the influence, and may not operate a boat or PWC, if their blood alcohol level is 0.08 or more or if drugs are detected.

regardless, he should have not been drinking underage outside of his home (I really don't think it is the gov. business if a person is not in a place that would cause harm to others - driving and boating definitely is a threat to others) 

alabamadawg 3 Like

I thought a field goal was attempted, but the snap was botched.

Folkston Dawg
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My thoughts exactly, If CMR didn't call for the botched field goal attempt, then who the hell is running the team???

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