Aaron Murray Addresses His “Nick Fairley Scar,” And Facing Nick Marshall

Photo: Logan Booker/BI
With Auburn looming this weekend, and UGA catching them at a time when the Tigers are experiencing far more success than anybody imagined, Aaron Murray talked with the media Tuesday to talk about going “back” to the Plains: the sight where he was given a scar he will have no choice but to remember forever.
With schedule realignment, the Dawgs find themselves traveling to play Auburn at their place for the second time in a row.

“It stinks a little bit,” Murray said. “I definitely wish we would have had them at home. But we have to be ready to go. They are a top-10 team and I know it’s going to be packed out, lively, and we are going to have our challenges and have to fight through them.”

Although Murray grew up in Tampa, Florida, he understands fully what the Georgia-Auburn rivalry means to each fanbase.

“I was not really a ‘Georgia boy’ before I got here, so I didn’t really know much about the Georgia-Auburn rivalry nearly as much a I knew about the Georgia-Florida rivalry game,” Murray said. “But I never really disliked them much until after that first time that I played them.”

And that first tikme Murray had the chance to play Auburn, also at their place in 2010, will be a day he will never forget, at least as long as he is able to peer into a mirror throughout his life.

“One of these are from the Arkansas game, and the other is from [Nick Fairley],” Murray said, describing the two scars on his chin. Fairley, an Auburn defensive end who famously took cheap shot after cheap shot on Murray during the young quarterback’s freshman season, seems to have gotten the last laugh both in terms of final score, and facial symmetry.

This year, Murray’s counterpart, for the second time in the last six SEC games, will be a former UGA teammate, as former Bulldog quarterback Nick Marshall finds himself as the starting quarterback for the Tigers.

“It’s pretty crazy,” Murray said. “I think he was a quarterback in high school, and we recruited him as a corner. But to see how he has been able to transform after, what was it, one year in JUCO to play quarterback, and now he is playing quarterback for the number seven team in the country. He’s obvioulsy worked his tail off, and he is in a system that fits his skill set, and he has been playing extremely well.”

Please enjoy Murray’s full interview below: