EXCLUSIVE Quotes: Aaron Murray Wants A Blackout, And Aaron Murray Should Get A Blackout

Photo: Logan Booker/BI


Last week, Aaron Murray told me he wants to wear the black jerseys before he graduates. And it’s time coach Richt listens, and makes it happen for a kid who has made lots of things happen for him.

It’s hard to believe that it has been nearly four complete seasons since Murray walked into Sanford Stadium as a redshirt freshman and threw three touchdowns in a 55-7 win over Louisiana-Lafayette. More ominously than those three touchdowns, however, was a rushing touchdown that – unbeknownst to UGA fans watching the birth of a Georgia legend – signified the true grit, grind, and intensity Murray has played with from the first snap of that game. With only seconds remaining in the first half, Murray rolled to his right to discover that he had no open receivers, and then scrambled down the sideline for a gut-wrenching 16-yard touchdown as the half expired. Coach Richt said after the game that they talked about how the smartest option would have been to run out of bounds to ensure a field goal attempt for Blair Walsh. But that is just not the kind of player Murray was, or is.

This last Saturday afternoon and early evening in Auburn, Murray showed Dawg Nation once again how he is willing to sacrifice everything he has for the sake of the team, specifically with 2:01 left in the game when he lowered his shoulder and plowed into the endzone to give the Dawgs what would be a one point lead. Never missing a start in four seasons, despite taking some extraordinary shots from some extraordinary SEC defensive lineman, Murray has given EVERYTHING for the sake of the University of Georgia football program.

If possible, it would be awesome for UGA to pay him back in fun  fashion: To wear the (once extremely popular) black jerseys this Saturday night against Kentucky for his Senior Night.

I caught up with Murray one-on-one last week, after the game time for his Senior Night was announced as a 7pm night game, and asked him if a “blackout” was something that came to mind.

“I am going to have to bring it up to coach Richt,” Murray said. “If that happened I would be the happiest man in the world. If it’s a go or not, I am sure we will find out sometime next week.”

Murray went on to explain to me that he is far from the only player on the team that shares in his blackout desires.
“I think everyone on the team would love to wear them,” Murray said. “It’s not just a senior thing. We got new gloves and new cleats last week and that was a huge thing. Everybody loved it. If we got new jerseys, everyone would pretty much go crazy for it.”


Photo: Logan Booker/BI

Although the jerseys are still blamed for the Alabama embarrassment in 2008, now may be as perfect a time as any to create better memories of the once uber-popular style that is still prevalent whenever you scan a large group of UGA fans wearing their favorite gear. The only home night game of the season, and the final chance for Murray and the other seniors to play in front of their home crowd, added to the fact that he has expressed desires to wear them, and I say why the heck not!

Murray has been one of the damndest of damn good Dawgs during his five years in Athens. Never have you seen his name in a headline for reasons other than football, and through hit after hit he has taken, you have never seen another name listed as starting quarterback despite any discomfort he may have had.

Less than two months from now, Murray will have taken his final snap for the University of Georgia. Nearly every record a quarterback can hold in the SEC will have his name at or near the top of the list. He has given his everything for the good of the UGA program, and the final thing the UGA program can do for him, is to make his final game one he will never forget.

Murray has done every. single. thing. asked of him throughout his time in Athens. And no fan or coach should have any problem granting him and the seniors a wish in return.


***** UPDATE *****

One of our loyal Bulldawg Illustrated readers emailed coach Richt and received a response regarding the blackout. That response is as follows:

“Thanks for the message and interest in the blackout. ¬†Unfortunately we don’t have any black jerseys this year even if we wanted to do it, maybe next year.
Mark Richt
Head Football Coach”

So while it appears we can rule out a blackout for the players this Saturday, I, personally, would love to push the idea of the students and fans to wear black as a tribute to say “thank you” to one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever come through the program.