Bulldawg Illustrated Hoops Report – Alabama



Welcome to the Bulldawg Illustrated Hoops Report – Alabama!

Hey, you guys like riddles? What do you get when you cross the nation’s longest home win streak with a team that’s not won outside it’s home arena since February of last year? A Major Upset! The Dawgs haven’t beaten a D1 school this year. They also haven’t won a game anywhere on this planet not called Stegeman Coliseum. So naturally they go play a team that’s won 26 straight at home and beat them in overtime. If not for another game of atrocious free three shooting the Dawgs would’ve won in regulation. So now UGA is tied for first in the SEC and undefeated on the road. Don’t worry. There’s plenty of room on this bandwagon for all of you Johnny-come-latelies. Just don’t let the door hit you in the rear after our next loss. Which could be against Alabama. While they’re mediocre this year, not only have they had our number the last four years, they’ve given us three of the toughest losses I’ve ever suffered through. But before we look forward, let’s revel in the past!


After jumping out to an 8-0 lead Wednesday, Mizzou fought back and finally got their first lead at 20-19 on a three pointer with about six minutes left in the half. This was the first point in the game I started waiting for the floodgates to open and us to get blown out. This team has shown no ability this year to play on the road, nor to compete with superior talent. Then Neme Djurisic hits back-to-back threes and we’re back up five. Next thing I know is it’s 30-20. They score five to close the half and it’s 30-25. The second half went back an forth and I don’t think either team led by more than five despite the fact that the Dawgs had a scoreless stretch of approximately seven minutes. I kept getting more upset by the minute that they were keeping it close just to make the loss more painful than it really had to be. When Charles Mann missed two free throws with about a minute left and UGA up three, Mizzou got the board. They went right down the floor and tied it with a trey. I knew that was the game. It was going be just like Vandy and Arkansas on the road last year. We’ve played solid and really deserved the win, but we’re going to find a way to blow it. We then got it back tied with :53 to play. We missed and they grabbed the board and I grabbed the remote to change it. Somehow, the Tigers missed the last shot in regulation and we lived to play some overtime. They started the OT by draining a three and I began thinking about how miserable I’d be on Thursday morning. Things looked their bleakest at that point. I know we were toast. Then, it happened. The BBall Gods shined down on our five guys and divine intervention took over. I’m not ever sure what happened from that point on. Somehow, we amazingly closed the OT on a 14-5 run and shocked the world.


While on paper the win in Columbia was earth shattering from the outside looking in, we’re lucky we’re on the inside looking out.  First, Mizzou played a horrible game. They shot well below their season average from the floor and at the free throw line. They also missed a few wide, open layups and had at least three turnovers where they just inexplicably lost the ball. Second, UGA played exactly like we at Bulldawg Illustrated hoped they would all year. We don’t need to get in high scoring games. We need to slow the ball down and keep games in the 60s. Also, our Four Horsemen finally showed up at the same time. Jurisic, Mann, Brandon Morris and Kenny Gaines scored 55 of our 70 points. They were all in double digits in scoring. Plus, we outrebounded Mizzou 43-34. I believe we’re now 7-0 when we win the battle of the boards. We now have a very average Alabama team coming to Athens. This game is winnable and gives us a chance to go 2-0 in conference. The last time we did that was ’97-98 season I believe. If someone can look that up, I’d appreciate it. That was Tubby’s last year. So this is uncharted territory for us.


So here we sit, tied atop the SEC. This team may well get to 2-0 by themselves. However, a little support at the Stegasaurus would sure go a long way. I mean the holidays are over. You can put your family and career on the back burner. It’s time for some Dawgs’ basketball … SEC conference play at that. So let’s all show up a 4 p.m. a little bit tipsy and real loud. These guys just broke the longest home win streak in the country and Coach Fox lost his father last Friday, as you’re probably already aware. If you don’t want to do it for any other reason, let’s show Coach Fox how much we appreciate his effort and let’s show up for him. He, at the very least, deserves that. Go Dawgs!


Nice write up. Best of luck getting some traction for basketball


Thanks for the write up, but I don't think Bama is so average. They have played one of the toughest schedules in the nation. I hate to think what our record would be if we had played that schedule. However, GATA.