Pruitt’s Defense = Attack

Jeremy Pruitt


Jeremy Pruitt’s defensive strategy an be described with one word – attack. Here are the reactions of some FSU players after having been exposed to Pruitt’s defense prior to the 2013 national championship season.

“It’s a totally different defense as far as no more reading, it’s more just like see it and go,” said DE Mario Edwards.

“I feel like with this defense we’re around the ball all the time, I feel like. Like I don’t know how, but I mean, I feel like it’s unstoppable,” joked CB Nick Waisome. “There’s always an answer for something. I feel like if a play is made on us it’s because of a miscommunication or something like that, but I like it.”

“Just the look of the defense overall is a lot different, we still cover just as much, I can’t really explain it you’ve just got to see it,” said S Terrence Brooks. “But we definitely switch it up a lot, we got a lot of different guys coming, we got Christian Jones playing some D-End at some point, got D-Ends dropping into coverage, it looks real good to me.”

“A lot more blitzes, I mean I’m blitzing a lot more coming off the edge. Just our blitz schemes, I feel like I like it a lot, it gives us a chance to make more plays,” said Brooks.

“This defense is very complex but we’re actually getting it down really good. Pruitt teaches a lot of the in’s and out’s of the games as of like how to run to the ball, how to be in our stance, what to look for in linemen and and anything like that and I feel like we’ve been doing a lot better just by picking up those little things.”

“You learn more of the concepts of the defense versus just an assignment,” said DE Dan Hicks. “Like you know your assignment now and why you’re doing it and where your help is and where your help is not and where you’re supposed to be so they just really break down so you just understand the defense yourselves.”

“Nothing against the defense from last year but this system makes you feel like a football player,” said DT Eddie Goldman. “You’re making all these checks, if you see something you’re going to change it, we get a little bit of freedom as a D-Lineman too.


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