Bulldawg Illustrated Bracket Challenge 2014

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The Bulldawg Illustrated Bracket Challenge is here with a $100 UGA Bookstore gift card for the winner.
Follow these instructions to play:

The Bulldawg Illustrated Bracket Challenge will be hosted through the popular ESPN Tournament Challenge, which will require you to have an ESPN account. The account is free, and if you do not already have one, there are simple instructions in the “sign in” link on any page on ESPN.com


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  1. Here is the the link to the “Bulldawg Illustrated 2014” group ESPN Tournament Challenge 2014
  2. We have set the group to private, where as you will need the password “godawgs” to join (password is case sensitive and there is no space between go and dawgs).
  3. Fill out a bracket for the group.
  4. One entry is allowed per user.
  5. You are encouraged to name your bracket either your real name or a the screen name you use when interacting on Bulldawg Illustrated

All picks MUST be completed before the first game of the Tournament begins, which is set for 12:15pm on Thursday, March 20th.

Once your bracket is filled out and added to the group, you’re done! ESPN will score the brackets for us, and we will have a post updating everybody on the leaders after each round!

Hopefully you will walk away with some of the biggest bragging rights in the world, along with a $100 gift card to browse through the UGA Bookstore with next time your in Athens – or online!


Good luck to all!!

***If you have any trouble whatsoever getting into the group or set up, please let us know in the comments below. Somebody will assist you to make sure you are entered into the group properly!