Carolina Cute Cuddly Chicken Cult – Columbia Coop



I have it on good authority that several prominent University of South Carolina boosters are en route to Malaysia to study the possibility of bringing chicken beauty pageants to members of the Carolina Cute Cuddly Chicken Cult – Columbia Coop.



Below is a photo from an failed attempt in the 1990’s to promote a mixed species beauty contest. Carolina Chicken Cultists are confident that the new bird-only venture will will be far more appealing to the general public in Columbia.


Countdown To Kickoff 2015

Bulldawg Illustrated's Countdown to Kickoff Fan Festival is a day for fans of all ages to get up close and personal with their favorite Dawgs.  

Where:  Sanford Stadium in Athens, Ga  (2014 Pics HERE, HERE and HERE)
When:  Saturday, July 11th 12:00pm - 3:00pm
Cost:  Individual Tickets are $25 each -  Family Packages are $75 each and include 4 tickets and refreshments at the event

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