Morgan Weeks Recaps Hometown Dates on The Bachelorette


 Josh Andi Hometown

It’s my favorite week of every season… hometown dates. And this season, this week is more important than ever before because we get to see Andi meeting the Murray family on The Bachelorette! 

We started off in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with Nick’s Brady-Bunch-esque family. There’s too many of them to count. Seriously. Here’s hoping that his family is a tad more likeable so we can make it through this part of the episode without muting the TV.

Nick took her to a brewery where they just coincidentally had a beer called “Nick & Andi” on tap. Totally not an ABC move, folks.

Then Nick decides it’s a good idea to put a cheese on her head and try to make her say “go packers.” But our little Atlantan wouldn’t dare. “No, no way. Not out of this Falcons’ mouth.” Arthur Blank is somewhere smiling. 

Nick takes her to his home and it looks like a welcoming committee has flooded the living room. But no worries, Andi. That’s just his brothers and sisters. No pressure.

Nick tells his 21 (or so) siblings that Andi gave him the first impression rose on the first night because she felt sorry for him. That expresses the sentiments of the millions of viewers watching, but I’m afraid it isn’t true for Andi considering Nick is still on the show.

One of Nick’s cute little sisters interrogates Andi with a few easy questions and we finally see a side of Nick that seems somewhat pleasant. Bravo, buddy. It’s about time.

Then Andi heads to Middle-of-nowhere, Iowa: where the population in Chris’ hometown is less than the population of Nick’s family.

This date is just another day in the life of Farmer Chris – riding tractors, gazing into the hundreds of beautiful acres also known as his backyard, etc.

Andi does her best “pretend to love this place” impression, but she’s not fooling any of us.  She’s an assistant district attorney in a big city, for crying out loud. Who will she represent in this town with 99% farmland… a cow?

His sweet mother assures Andi that there will be something for her to do in their town, but I’m not sure Andi is ready to uproot her metropolitan life for overalls and uncertainty.

And then, the moment we’ve all been waiting for…



 It’s time to meet the Murrays.

Josh starts off their date with a little throwback to his past. They hit the baseball fields and goof off for a little while over base hits and sunflower seeds. Andi breaks her bat and Josh tells her about his life in the minor leagues. 


Andi is drooling and Josh wants to get real. So basically the roles are reversed for the first time this season.

“I realized there were more important things in life [than baseball],” says Josh.

He goes on to explain that he lost his passion for baseball and he really just wanted to be there for his brother. (You know, that guy we called QB1 for the last few years, Aaron Murray.) You may remember Josh as a walk-on at Georgia during Aaron’s first year as a starter. He was that cool guy jawing at the refs over Nick Fairley’s cheap shots during the 2011 Auburn game. Because that’s what big brothers are for, am I right? 

So Josh and Andi walk up to his family’s Tampa home, naturally guarded by a Bulldog statue on the front porch, and Josh “loses it,” when he sees his family. They sit down for dinner and Aaron makes a toast to the happy couple.


 Then, like clockwork, it’s time to talk football.


What, like you’re surprised?

The family talks about Pro Day and Aaron says he wishes they both could’ve been there. Andi warms up to the conversation and they move on to lighter football conversation. She steps outside for one-on-one talks with the parents and this is when I lose my cool…


Love ya, Andi, but if you insist that this is some kind of problem, I volunteer to alleviate it and take your place. I will willingly sacrifice my Sundays. It’s no big deal, I promise.

Josh and Aaron’s little sister, Stephanie, talks to Andi next and gives her a new perspective on the “football family” situation. Aaron says that Josh has done everything he can do to help Aaron and Stephanie be happy, so now it’s time to focus on himself. It’s music to Andi’s ears and next thing you know, she’s over it and they’re outside playing backyard football.

Forgive me, Marcus. I completely tuned out your entire hometown date because I was still in awe over Andi and Josh. It happens sometimes. 

I do know that they were in Dallas, Texas and Marcus started off by recreating their first date when he stripped down “for charity.” His date wasn’t bad under any standards, but it wasn’t great either. Nothing special. Which is probably one reason that Andi sent Marcus home at the rose ceremony.

In the beginning, I didn’t understand the hype surrounding him. Now, I would consider him to be one of the most genuine guys from this season. Marcus always made it known that he adored Andi and I would be 100% on board for him to be the next bachelor.

And while I’m predicting the future, let’s talk about how Josh could really win this thing. I mean, I’ve said all season that the chemistry between him and Andi is so different than with anyone else on the show. The hometown date just confirmed my theory, despite her lack of an obsession with football. That’s something that can be fixed. And it seems I’m not the only one who thinks this way…

If you haven’t been watching the Bachelorette, now might be a good time to start. It’s down to three men and since I’m still blogging, that means Josh Murray is one of them. Let’s cheer our Bulldog on to a victory and then go win a national championship. Okay, okay… so I’m way ahead of myself now, but wouldn’t that be nice?