Merritt Hall to be Medically DQ’d

Merritt Hall sidelined. In street clothes.

Merritt Hall not in pads or a jersey at today’s practice. Photo: Logan Booker/Bulldawg Illustrated


Multiple sources told me yesterday that junior fullback Merritt Hall’s career may be over due to concussion related circumstance. On Wednesday in Athens, these rumors were confirmed. 


While there has not been an official release from the University of Georgia or any comment from coach Mark Richt, it was revealed during an interview with starting quarterback Hutson Mason earlier that Hall was going to take a medical disqualification. 


Hall appeared in 25 games over the last two seasons, making seven starts in the process. 


Yesterday, Hall tweeted out what could now be interpreted as an indication and a clue that something was wrong:



UGA also moved freshman ILB Detric Bing-Dukes to the fullback position over the last couple of days, to apparently make up for what they knew would be a permanent hole with Hall’s situation.


Stay tuned as we are still awaiting official word from UGA. Mark Richt had a press conference scheduled for this afternoon that was canceled. But we are keeping our eyes peeled for the official press release.