Chris Conley Blazed the Trail for Malcolm Mitchell

Malcolm Mitchell entered the press conference for UGA media yesterday (prior to Georgia’s turn in the spotlight at SEC Media Days) proudly carrying the children’s book that he will publish next month. Malcolm credited Coach Richt (CMR wrote the foreword for Malcolm’s book, The Magician’s Hat) for allowing and encouraging interests outside football and Chris Conley for his work last year on his Star Wars tribute video, Retribution.
“You know, with writing it’s almost personal. It’s a piece of me; it is my vision, my heart, my words and just opening up and sharing that with everybody is not an easy thing to do. But if you want to get a message out you have to open your arms and allow people to step in. Today was my attempt to do that with this book. If someone read it and said, “that’s horrible” that would be heartbreaking because this is a piece of me.”

When asked if Coach Richt encourages players to step outside the football bubble Mitchell responded:
“He definitely doesn’t confine us to just athletes. Him allowing us to go out and do projects like this, we are so thankful for. He is a great guy, and a great coach and I seriously pray that we have a long-lasting relationship beyond the football field.”
Then Malcolm mentioned Conley:
I would like to credit Chris because Chris laid the foundation for projects like this. When we approached the NCAA asking for permission, Chris had already gone through the same thing. That made the process that much easier and allowed us to go a step above what was already permitted for him.”
Retribution (2014) – Star Wars Fan Film