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Amarlo Herrera

Signed with the Georgia Bulldogs
Amarlo Herrera

Amarlo Herrera

Class Of 2011




Atlanta, GA


North Clayton




Committed to UGA on

Natl Rank: 253

Pos Rank: 11

State Rank: 19

Scouting Report
No Scouting Report Submitted

Prospect Predictions
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Amarlo Herrera: Pruitt has been harder on us since we started playing better (10/28/2014) - . Amarlo Herrera talks about his expectations as the Florida game nears. . . . . .
Who Will Become Dogs’ Next Great Defensive Player and Can He Join These Guys? (9/18/2013) - Photo: Logan Booker/BI . OK, we already know who the next great tailback is at Georgia. He’s already in a red jersey with No. 3 on his back. But while Todd Gurley has already joined the class of the Bulldogs’ best-ever running backs − and I moved him all the way up to No. 2 […]
Look Back to South Carolina and Ahead to North Texas (9/9/2013) - . Saturday afternoon in Sanford Stadium was electric, the crowd provided energy to the team, and Georgia takes down the 6th-ranked South Carolina Gamecocks 41-30 to reenter the top 10 and to be in control of their own destiny in the SEC East.  The Georgia offense absolutely sliced and diced the feared defense of the […]
South Carolina Game Action Shots (9/8/2013) - . Click Photos to Enlarge Clowning Clowney: . On side kick and congrats: . Artie Lynch TD: . Goal Line Stop:
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Amarlo Herrera

Atlanta, GA

Ramik Wilson

Tampa, FL

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