That’s Socially Acceptable: UGA v MIZZOU

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That’s Socially Acceptable: UGA v MIZZOU

First and foremost, I’d like to extend a special thank you to Matthew Hall (@loyal_to_the_g) for helping us share our #idcapthat photo of the week.
For those who posted about chik-fil-a and cheeseburgers, we salute you. There’s little a chicken sandwich and cheeseburger can’t do, unfortunately winning the #idcapthat challenge is one of them.
Instead it was @nolanroberts and his caption directed at the most excited person shown below, the fan in the black visor. It was this excited fan that inspired the creative caption: I’m on Shrooms!, which tugged at our heart strings and made us extremely happy.
Nolan Roberts, thank you.

@nolanroberts “I’m on Shrooms!”

As far as what caught our eye this week on social media, get ready — there’s a lot.

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