UGA’s Frank Martin Says ‘Farewell and Thank You’ in this “Moments” Video

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UGA’s Frank Martin Says ‘Farewell and Thank You’ in this “Moments” Video

Frank Martin (Photo from
Frank Martin
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If you have had the opportunity to watch and enjoy one of Georgia’s hype videos over the last few years, you can thank UGA’s mass media arts major Frank Martin for giving you chills up and down your spine and wanting to run down the road yelling “Go Dawgs!” Martin will be graduating and heading for New York, but he leaves us with this video titled “Moments” and a note.


“Since the beginning of this Spring semester, this video has had many forms: a Visitors Center welcome video, a school marketing piece, a football recap special, and a personal production. But what it ended up becoming was my experience at UGA, highlighting the many people that I have met along the way.”
“Although much of the footage is of football (which undoubtedly has played a monstrous role in my college experience) my goal was to create something that embodied a full college experience and the little moments in life that mean the most. Those moments that meant so much to me at this University. What follows are some previously used clips along with some things I’ve never released. This place has meant the world to me and I hope that all of you find a home founded in a dedicated community like the one we have here at UGA.”
“The people here gave me a chance to do what I love, and along the way have given me the greatest gift, not only their compassionate support but more importantly, their lasting friendship—people that I know I can call on as we move forward in life together. And while I can never truly put into words the many blessings they have given to me and so many other students, I hope that this piece in some way illustrates who we all are and what we accomplish together.”
“I am so thankful for my time here at UGA. From the classroom to football—to the Visitors Center, and every memory in between, this has been an experience unlike anything I could have ever asked for. But as anyone will tell you, it’s the people that make life great, and the little memories we share together that last. And there’s no doubt that the people I have met here are second to none.”
“For this school, it’s not just about what we learn in the classroom, it’s about how we apply ourselves in every aspect of life—how we work hard for each other. And amongst the multitude of lessons this University has taught me, perhaps the most important is one told to me in the last few days of being here: “Failure is key. Fear is not.”
So here’s to family, friends, and those integral little moments that have meant the most. Here’s to many future failures and a bold fearlessness—on to the next adventure: see you soon, NYC.”

“Thank you, UGA.”
Frank Martin
God speed and good luck Frank.
To learn more about UGA student and soon to be grad, Frank Martin, CLICK HERE.

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