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Welcome Home Reception For Olympians


[from the University]

University of Georgia athletes and coaches that participated in the 2016 Summer OlympicGames — as well as those scheduled to compete at the upcoming Paralympic Games — will be celebrated on Wednesday, Aug. 31 at a ‘’Welcome Home’’ reception, presented by Athens BMW, on the UGA campus.
The public is invited to the reception, which will take place from 5:00-7:00 p.m. in the third-floor rotunda of the Butts-Mehre Heritage Hall.  Commemorative posters, courtesy of Athens BMW, will be available for autographs from the Olympians.
UGA’s contingent of 37 athletes and coaches represents the greatest number in school history.  Were UGA a country, the 10 medals they won would rank 27th among the 207 nations that participated in the Rio Olympics.
The complete list of UGA’s representatives at both theOlympic Games and Paralympic Games follows.  A number of these athletes and coaches are slated to attend the ‘’Welcome Home’’ reception on Aug. 31.


Men (1) César Castro (volunteer diving coach) — Brazil (fourth Olympics)
Staff (1) Coach Dan Laak (diving) — Brazil assistant (thirdOlympics on staff {first 2 with U.S.})
Golf Men (1) 
Bubba Watson (2000-01) — USA (first Olympics)
Women (1) Brittany Rogers (2013-16) — Canada (secondOlympics)
Swimming & Diving
Men (5)
Gunnar Bentz (2015-Present) — USA (firstOlympics) GOLD MEDAL 4X200 FREE RELAY
Chase Kalisz (2013-15, 2016-Present) — USA (first Olympics) SILVER MEDAL 400 IM
Jay Litherland (2015-Present) — USA (firstOlympics)
Javier Acevedo (2016-Present) — Canada (firstOlympics)
Matias Koski (2013-16) — Finland (secondOlympics)
Women (7)
Hali Flickinger (2013-16) — USA (first Olympics)
Melanie Margalis (2011-14) — USA (firstOlympics) GOLD MEDAL 4X200 FREE RELAY
Allison Schmitt (2009-11, 2013) — USA (thirdOlympics) GOLD MEDAL 4X200 FREE RELAY, SILVER MEDAL 4×100 FREE RELAY
Olivia Smoliga (2014-Present) — USA (firstOlympics)  GOLD MEDAL 4X100 MEDLEY RELAY
Amanda Weir (2005) — USA (third Olympics)SILVER MEDAL 4×100 FREE RELAY
Brittany MacLean (2013-16) — Canada (secondOlympics) BRONZE MEDAL 4X200 FREE RELAY
Chantal Van Landeghem (2013-15, 2016-Present) — Canada (first Olympics) BRONZE MEDAL 4×100 FREE RELAY
Staff (1) Coach Jack Bauerle (swimming) — USA assistant (third Olympics on staff)
Table Tennis
Men (1) Yijun “Tom” Feng (incoming freshman student) — USA (first Olympics)
Track & Field
Men (5) 
Kibwe Johnson (2000) — USA (second Olympics)
Cejhae Greene (2014-15, 2016-Present) — Antigua (first Olympics)
Karl Saluri (2014-Present) — Estonia (firstOlympics)
Maicel Uibo (2012-16) — Estonia (first Olympics)
Charles Grethen (2013-15) — Luxembourg (firstOlympics)
Women (7)
Keturah Orji (2015-Present) — USA (firstOlympics)
Kendell Williams (2014-Present) — USA (firstOlympics)
Jenny Dahlgren (2004-07) — Argentina (fourthOlympics)
Shaunae Miller (2012-13) — Bahamas (secondOlympics) GOLD MEDAL 400m
Leontia Kallenou (2012-2016) — Cyprus (firstOlympics )
Levern Spencer (2006-08) — St. Lucia (thirdOlympics)
Tynia Gaither (2012-13) – Bahamas (firstOlympics)
Staff (2)
Coach Petros Kyprianou — Estonia assistant (second Olympics as a coach)
Coach Ken Harnden – Cayman Islands assistant (fourth Olympics as a coach)
Women (1)
Alexandra Oquendo (2002-05) — Puerto Rico (firstOlympics)
Beach Volleyball
Women (1)
Britta Büthe (2007) — Germany (first Olympics)


Women (1)
Lindsay Grogan (UGA bachelor’s and master’s degrees) — USA (first Paralympics)
Sitting Volleyball
Women (1)
Michelle Gerlosky Schiffler (B.S. in Biological Sciences in 2008 from UGA) — USA (second Paralympics)
Track & Field
Men (1)
Jarryd Wallace (2008) — USA (second Paralympics)

Special thank you to Athens BMW from Bulldawg Illustrated for generously providing the commemorative posters that we will get to have signed! We can’t wait.



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