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McGhee Looks Toward Kentucky

Tyrique McGhee (26)
Tyrique McGhee (26)
After outplaying Florida in Jacksonville, Georgia now moves their focus to Kentucky. This game will determine who wins the SEC East title. Georgia’s defensive back Tyrique McGhee said that the whole football program knows what is at stake in a game like this and knows what needs to be done.
Kentucky has risen out of the ashes this season and has made a name for themselves as tough competition.  McGhee said that he is not surprised that they are in the running for the title. “Playing them during my freshman year, they had a great team and even last year, they’ve been building and they’re a great program. … In this conference, it’s not a surprise at all which team comes up but like I said, we’re going to go in and focus on us and do what we’ve got to do.”


Georgia is facing a talented quarterback and running back duo this coming Saturday in enemy territory. Terry Wilson is a dual-threat quarterback who is known to run the ball often and fast. So far, this season he has had 88 carries for 406 yards.
McGhee spoke about the possible difficulty the defense will have defending against him. “It is difficult but it is not anything we can’t handle. He can run the ball just as good as their running backs. He is like a backup running back. Everyone is going have to play their gaps and make sure we keep him in the pocket. We will to do everything we can to hold their running game to a minimum.”
Kentucky running back Benny Snell Jr. has rushed for nine touchdowns in the past seven games. In three of those games, he also rushed for over 150 yards.


“He’s a hard runner and a tough football player, first and foremost. The guy loves football, you can see it in the energy he brings every Saturday. He’s going to be the engine to their offense on Saturday,” said McGhee. “I can’t say he reminds me of anyone, he’s a player in his own. The guy just runs hard, he runs with a purpose and he knows each and every guy on his offensive line, they trust him and they like what they’ve got going on at Kentucky.”


Georgia faces Kentucky at 3:30 Eastern Time in Lexington, KY on Saturday.


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