Players Think Coach Isn’t Smartest Dancer

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Players Think Coach Isn’t Smartest Dancer

Kirby Smart
Kirby Smart

Kirby Smart isn’t one to let loose and dance with his team after victories, or is he? After the 36-17 win over the Gators, cameras caught a rare moment. The video emerged through the team’s Twitter of the head coach celebrating and dancing with his team. He moved his visor upside down and seemed to flow right along with the team.

The consensus from the players thought it was awesome and liked his energy. However, some of them still think his dance moves could use some work.

“It was awesome. Coach Smart is one of the most passionate coaches in the country,” kicker Rodrigo Blankenship said about his celebration. “It is awesome when we have such a great team win like we did on Saturday and to see him just as fired up about it.”

Blankenship was the only player that the media talked with that didn’t comment on his dancing. As for the others, like Jeremiah Holloman, Monty Rice, and Tae Crowder, they all think he has some work to do.

“He is still learning how to dance,” Holloman noted. “I’m definitely happy to see him enjoy the atmosphere and enjoying the win.”

To follow up with Holloman, a media member asked if he thought Smart would crowd surf like Kentucky’s Bob Stoops did? Holloman had a quick answer to that one.

“No, I don’t believe he’s that type of guy. I hope not,” Holloman commented with a chuckle.

Rice kept his answer short and sweet about his thoughts on Smart’s post-game celebrations.

“He needs to learn new moves,” Rice said.

“It was pretty funny and pretty exciting. When we win, a lot of times he does that, so it was pretty exciting to see it,” Crowder said.

Crowder didn’t come out and say Smart needs new dance moves, but when asked he agreed with his fellow teammates. However, he did compliment the coach on one of his moves.

“Probably so, but I like when he flipped the hat back though, that was pretty cool,” Crowder stated.

What looked new to the media, is something that according to Smart isn’t unique.

“I don’t know. Go by the moment. I wouldn’t say that was unique. That was just your first time getting to see the inside,” Smart comments about the video. “That’s not unique to me in the locker room with the players. I certainly enjoy and treasure the opportunity to celebrate with our guys, and they needed that, and I need it. So players enjoyed it, and on to the next one.”

Check it out for yourself, does Smart have the moves or does he need to work on them?


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