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A view from… Auburn with Andy Burcham

Auburn War Eagle VII named "Nova"
Auburn War Eagle VII named “Nova”

One of the great gentlemen and most superb announcers in the Southeastern Conference, my old friend Andy Burcham offers his insight into Saturday afternoon’s showdown. Andy, and his wife Jan, have truly shined under the most difficult of circumstances. This past May, the longtime Voice of the Tigers Rod Bramblett and his wife Paula were tragically killed in an automobile accident. Rod and Paula leave behind their daughter Shelby, who is a student at Auburn, and son Joshua, who is in high school. Joshua lives with Andy and Jan. Since we at Bulldawg Illustrated began interviewing broadcasters and writers from opposing schools, Andy has been an annual contributor and we are thankful to him for all that he has done.

Andy Burcham
Andy Burcham

Auburn’s schedule is so tough, how big is the open date and getting Georgia at home?

“With Georgia and Alabama in the next three weeks, Auburn’s open day came at a very good time.”





Talk about how good the Tigers defensive front is.

“Auburn has had some very good defensive fronts in years past and this may be the best. Derrick Brown and Marlon Davidson have been dominant. Tyrone Trusdell has emerged this season. Big Kat Bryant has become a consistent threat off the edge.”

Bo Nix’s game-winning TD pass to beat Oregon, so big in so many ways, what did that mean to you and the Auburn family?





“The game-winner versus Oregon was big in many ways. It was Bo’s debut as it turns out against a team that hasn’t lost since. It was the first football game since Rod’s passing. He and Paula have been on our minds all season. For me, it was my first game as the play-by-play man for football. I was blessed to have this game and the ending in my first game. I felt a bit guilty. Rod had to wait till his third game in 2003 to call his first Auburn touchdown and I had this in my debut.”

What does Auburn need to do to win?

“Auburn has to establish its running game. In addition, it has to get off to a good start in the game.”

What is your take on Georgia?

“Controls its own destiny. The win over Florida put the Bulldogs in firm control in the SEC East.”

You have been such a shining source of pride for Auburn, the SEC, and our business, what has this season meant for you?

“In spite of the circumstance, I’ve greatly enjoyed my new role. I dearly miss Rod and Paula. Their son, Joshua, lives with Jan and me. We’re “parents” for the first time. Auburn fans have welcomed me and I am very grateful.”

Would you like a nine-game SEC schedule, anything different down the road in the league?

“I don’t get the idea a nine-game SEC schedule is coming anytime soon.”





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