A VIEW FROM … College Station with Andrew Monaco

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A VIEW FROM … College Station with Andrew Monaco

Photo: Kyle Field, (Texas A&M Athletics)
Photo: Kyle Field, (Texas A&M Athletics)

Everyone is excited for Saturday’s long-awaited showdown between the Bulldogs and Aggies between the hedges. Andrew Monaco, the Voice of the Aggies, makes his Bulldawg Illustrated debut and we greatly appreciate his insights!

Andrew Monaco
Andrew Monaco

How excited are the Aggie fans to finally play Georgia in Athens?

“Finally, right? After coming into the SEC in 2012, the Aggies finally meet Georgia. And to play one of the elite SEC programs in one of the great stadiums in all of college football has Aggies excited about this game.”





Is there anticipation from the Texas A&M players to take on the Bulldogs?

“The anticipation comes from the opportunity. That’s the way the Aggies describe this season and this game. They get to match up with one of the best teams in the SEC, as well as one of the best teams in the country.”

Can you talk about the impact of Jimbo Fisher on the program?





“He is building a championship culture at Texas A&M. He began by setting the foundation last season. He’s continuing to build by bringing in some of the top recruits and top recruiting classes in the nation.”

Take us through Texas A&M’s season and this incredibly tough schedule?

“To play three No. 1’s in one season is really incredible. If that weren’t difficult enough, add in #4 Georgia, #8 (at the time) Auburn plus the challenge of playing the rest of the SEC West. The Aggies have learned from those early games, learned how to practice and prepare and learned what it takes to win in the SEC, especially their young players. They’ve really grown, especially their freshmen. They’ve gained valuable experience and playing with confidence.”

What do the Aggies need to do to win?

“Balance. That’s the identity of any Jimbo Fisher team. Balance of the run and the pass. He also preaches being strong on all three phases; offense, defense, special teams. Jimbo talks about the three I’s … immediacy, intensity, and intelligence.”

What is your take on Georgia?

“Jimbo Fisher says you win in the SEC with the guys who put their hands in the dirt. Georgia’s offensive line is huge and sets the table for everything they do. They run, pass and protect. The Georgia defense has been tremendous. Nobody in the league is better against the run. Teams earn everything offensively against Georgia because the Bulldogs’ defense can shut you down.”

What are some changes you would like to see in the SEC/College Football?

“Perhaps to see SEC East teams more often. Last year, A&M played Kentucky for the first time. This year, they meet Georgia for the first team in the conference. Obviously, we would love those schools and their fans to experience Kyle Field. And it is so much fun to see other stadiums, campuses and experience the atmosphere of a college football Saturday of SEC East schools more often.”





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