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A View From … Knoxville with Bob Kesling

Neyland Stadium - Knoxville, Tennessee - (Photo from University of Tennessee)
Neyland Stadium
– Knoxville, Tennessee –
(Photo from University of Tennessee)

Bob Kesling, the longtime Voice of the Volunteers, was once again kind enough to give us his insights on Saturday’s Georgia Tennessee game in Neyland Stadium at Knoxville. Along with being one of the outstanding talents in the broadcast business, Bob is one of the great guys in the business. Following the great John Ward, Tennessee has an icon succeeding an icon.


Bob Kesling
Bob Kesling

What is your take on how crazy the SEC East has been the last few years?
“There just hasn’t been a dominant team the past several years and that leads to a lot of teams being in the mix. Not sure there is a dominant team this year either and so there will be some crazy twists and turns this year as well.”
What do the Volunteers need to do to beat Georgia?
“Get over the Florida loss is the first step. This team does play hard so that won’t be a problem. Just can’t beat themselves, like they did against Florida.”
Where does last year’s win over Georgia rank in classic Tennessee victories?
“It wasn’t for a championship so that takes a little bit of luster off it. However, for excitement and unbelievable drama that one will be hard to match.”
What is your view on Georgia?
“Great running game, better on defense, but it all comes down to quarterback play in this league.”
How strong is the effect Butch Jones has had on recruiting for Tennessee?
“He has been great on the recruiting trail. The roster is much better than it was five years ago. Still, like most teams, could use more depth.”
What is your favorite game you’ve called – in any sport – for Tennessee?
“Tennessee won a six-overtime thriller against Arkansas a few years back when Casey Clausen hit Jason Witten to win it. Edges the basketball game when No. 2 Tennessee beat top-ranked Memphis to become the number one team in the nation for the first time in school history.”
Where does Athens rank amongst your favorite college towns, and where do you like to go when visiting Georgia?
“We usually don’t stay in Athens when we come down for a football weekend. We stay in Atlanta and drive over the day of the game. Would like to be there on a game day. During basketball do enjoy just walking around downtown. Favorite spot is the Varsity of course.”


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