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RV City, Jacksonville, FL Georgia-Florida (Photo by Greg Poole/Bulldawg Illustrated)
RV City, Jacksonville, FL Georgia-Florida
(Photo by Greg Poole/Bulldawg Illustrated)


American college football at its cultural cresting point, many too tipsy way before the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party officially enters the big weekend on Friday. That pit in my stomach because of what I’ve been through. We, what we’ve been through, my Dawgs. Hasn’t been pretty, the city of bridges, for the nation. On JAX…

But those Friday night parties, lights on the water. Favorite half-memory the time we had a bus drive us around to all the parties. Dawgs on fire. This one big Gator party we went to there were tan chicks in Wuerffel jerseys and bright bikini bottoms getting down, we respected it. It’s all for one fun…on Friday.


Georgia RV City; Florida RV City…

Then, Saturday you get to your set. This is a huge moment for Georgia, the clear frontrunners in the SEC East, as preseason co-favorite Florida is 3-3. This is the exact type of game UGA has dropped tragically to Florida in the recently lopsided series. We need to win this football game


Our answer to the Bay Area in the Deep South may be Jacksonville, Florida, bridges to everywhere, just to show you how different it is way down here in the bottom states of East Coast America…America. Our national reputation marred over a quarter century by the relevance placed by both institutions and their fanbases on this neutral site rivalry, split down the end zones, by our ineptness here. I can’t handle the bitter poetry of another JAX defeat.


Georgia has a shortening overall advantage in the series (we say one more game than they say, too), but the advantage is by all proclamatory terms a few under ten. And, that is mostly just ancient history for us, as 27 long years of bad have rolled by.


Win here, though, and we have finally won more than they over a seven-year period, a significant turn of events after the first couple decades of damn Gators coming to maturity as a football power and dominating Georgia. We will have actually stemmed the bleeding earlier, going back in time to Murray’s sophomore season, when we took back control of the series. A one-game advantage over seven years? I will take it!


Red-and-Black, orange-and-blue, we’ve taken to having both sides wear their primary home jersey with neither in white. It’s going to be a fight. Florida can salvage a season if they can win here and get hot, or Georgia can take the SEC East divisional crown early from the back-to-back defending East Champs. I’m liking what Kirby has this year much more than McElwain, especially looking at all the key Gators suspended early. Is this our year to win big?


LSU, who has quickly regained some reputation, was in a close blow-for-blow battle with these same Florida players. Texas A&M who are talented and ranked also struggled with them. The loss to Michigan right after the suspensions came down is a throwaway, so this team has barely busted on two big cross-division SEC games. They are undefeated in SEC East contests, already holding the tiebreaker on Kentucky and having hit on a Hail Mary to avoid a repeat loss to Tennessee. Florida owns Tennessee. Florida owns Georgia right now, too. Win this game and hope for us to lose at a talented, revenge-seeking Auburn and they could threepeat in the East.


Roquan Smith and Nick Chubb have other ideas. This biggest regular season game has always been about individuals making big plays at key times. Our best two players, one a Human Missile, the other a senior running for glory and redemption, are better than anything Florida can put on the field. Then when I look at the edge we can get from other guys like motivated seniors Sony Michel, Lorenzo Carter and Davin Bellamy, I see why we are favored by two touchdowns here. I expect to win this year but honestly still have to fear Florida.



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