New Rule Would Have Cost Auburn 2013 Iron Bowl

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New Rule Would Have Cost Auburn 2013 Iron Bowl

[break] Reader @bulltoad posted this morning that the proposed new one yard downfield limit on offensive linemen would have eliminated Auburn’s tying touchdown in the 2013 Iron Bowl. He is right.

[break] [break] The proposed new rule states that linemen cannot be more than downfield unless engaged with a defensive player. In the screenshot above the first yard marker from the line of scrimmage (blue line) is obscured by the foot of Auburn H-back (#36). The 2 yard hash mark is pointed out by the arrow from the bottom of the photo. Auburn’s lineman (#63) is moving away from the LOS with his right foot on the hash that is 2 yards past the LOS and he is not engaged in a block.
[break] [break] Throw that flag, Penn Wagers.
[break] [break] The play begins at the 08:46 mark:
[break] [break] [su_youtube_advanced url=”” autohide=”no”]

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