If you want to have a drink on me, you still cannot do so in a SEC venue

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If you want to have a drink on me, you still cannot do so in a SEC venue

A sea of red and black in Sanford Stadium - Georgia vs Auburn 12-Nov-2016
A sea of red and black in Sanford Stadium
Georgia vs Auburn 12-Nov-2016

To sell or not to sell alcohol, that has been the question for the SEC and was one of the topics discussed this past week down in Destin, Florida at the conference’s annual Spring Meetings.

As it is right now, the sale of alcohol is prohibited in a SEC venue with a few exceptions, and although the SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey, University presidents and athletic directors, and coaches discussed the conference’s policy on alcohol sales in its venues, it was not voted on at the Spring Meetings. The biggest question is whether or not the sale of alcohol will be allowed at SEC football games and if so, when.
“It will be a conversation topic as we go forward,” said Commission Sankey. “We have not changed our policy, but it’s one of those things that will be under discussion. There has been a policy that has been in place for a while. There will be continuing conversation to make sure we have the right policy.”
It is not as if college football Saturday’s are “dry” events. Fans can enjoy adult beverages before and after the game at their tailgating areas, hotel rooms and in the local bars and restaurants of most college towns. And as mentioned earlier there are exceptions to the SEC’s policy.
At last year’s NCAA baseball and softball College world Series, beer and wine were sold in general seating. And a few football fans can enjoy their beer and bourbon, or scotch, red or white wine in some of the luxury boxes in conference football stadiums. Some basketball fans in premium seating areas have also had the opportunity to purchase alcoholic beverages. How does University of Georgia Athletic Director Greg McGarity feel about the possibility of selling alcohol at Sanford Stadium?
“We’d talk about it, sure,” said McGarity. “There would be a discussion but we have not crossed that bridge.”
While there likely is some opposition from some fans and groups on allowing the sale of alcohol at football games and other sporting events across the SEC, I would have to imagine most would approve of the idea. And it would be another source of revenue for the schools. What are your thoughts? Do you think the sale of alcoholic beverages should be allowed in SEC venues? Would you approve of the sale of beer and wine in Sanford Stadium on Saturday’s during the fall?


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