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A View From Georgia Tech with Eric Brand

Eric Brand (Photo of Tech Tower from GeorgiaTech.edu)
Eric Brand
(Photo of Tech Tower from GeorgiaTech.edu)



ERIC BRAND (aka Tech Fan Eric) gives us his insights into the big showdown Saturday in Athens. Eric is a talented young producer and broadcaster on Athens 960 The Ref.


What would it mean for Tech to beat Georgia?

As always the Georgia vs. Georgia Tech game is the most important one for the Jackets each year. This year it feels like that is even more the case. Both teams really don’t have anything to play for other than some mid to low tier bowl game, so this game feels like the Championship. If the Jackets were to win in Athens many people including me would consider this season a success. If the Dawgs were to get the win this season would be better than last years, but not up to expectations.


On his list of accomplishments, where does Paul Johnson’s 2-2 record at Sanford Stadium rank?

That is an important stat that continues to keep Paul Johnson his job in Atlanta. Obviously the Orange Bowl and the ACC Championship are higher up on the accomplishment board, but the record in Athens is right behind that.


What does Tech need to do to win?

Not make mistakes. It’s as simple as that. Tech’s offense has been playing pretty well this year minus a few anomalies. In other words, if the Jackets can hold on to the ball and keep their defense off the field Tech’s chances of winning go way up.


What is your impression of Georgia?

Georgia gives me the same impression that Tech gives me. Both teams are very inconsistent. Sometimes they look brilliant and other times they look like they are way out of their league. Even in the games that both teams win big, there are still multiple moments where they look as if they have a long way to go to become a good team.


Do you see Marshall and Green having big games for the Jackets?

I could see them both having a good game, but they will have to fight through some adversity to do so. Marshall has been passed up by true freshmen Dedrick Mills at the B-Back position, but still gets a decent amount of touches. Marshall has shown time and time again that even though he is a big back he has a lot of breakaway speed and if he is able to get to the next level, he is hard to catch. J.J. Green is coming off an injury that sidelined him for two weeks. He was able to play against Virginia this week, but still looked like he was a little off.


Is the win at Virginia Tech the highlight of the season thus far?

So far I would say yes. Virginia Tech is a very solid team on both sides of the ball especially on offense. The Jackets defense was really impressive in that game forcing turnovers and not giving up a lot of points until the end of the game after the game was already out of hand.


What is the pulse of the Yellow Jacket faithful moving forward?

The future looks bright after the performance of the backup QB Matthew Jordan against Virginia Tech. With that being said, the fan base feels indifferent about the future of the program. I personally like what I see from the young players, but I realize that if Tech is to ever return to the national spotlight the option has to go. With the current set up, Tech is at max a 10-win team and that will not get you in the playoffs without a lot of help.


Who wins Saturday?

This is one of the tougher ones to predict in the recent future. Georgia has the better athletes and Tech has the more experienced players. It really is a coin flip in my opinion, but as much as it pains me to say this I think UGA wins a close one.



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