Why Georgia Fans Need To Watch Auburn vs LSU

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Why Georgia Fans Need To Watch Auburn vs LSU

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After Georgia routs MTSU this Saturday at noon, the 3:30 CBS game is a must watch for Georgia fans.
Its a battle of the Tigers as #12 LSU travels to Jordan-Hare Stadium to face #7 Auburn. You may be asking yourself why do I care? Here’s why.
If you are a believer in voodoo or superstition then you’re not going to like what I have to say next. Georgia is going to win every single SEC east game this season. Last season Georgia routed all SEC east foes for the first time ever. It’s happening again.
The remaining SEC east opponents are Florida, Kentucky, Missouri, Vanderbilt, and Tennessee. If you have seen these teams play, then you shouldn’t have a problem understanding that Georgia wins most if not all of these games comfortably.
So the question is who has the best chance to beat Georgia this season? Georgia fans will get their answer Saturday watching the Auburn/LSU game.
Both LSU and Auburn had impressive week one victories over top ten opponents. This is why both right now are highly ranked and nationally respected. The winner of this game will likely be Alabama’s biggest threat in the SEC West and will give Georgia fans a good idea of who is a legitimate threat.
Without question, these are the two toughest teams remaining on Georgia’s schedule.
Let’s take a look at each team and what you should exactly be watching for on Saturday at 3:30.


— Who replaces Kerryon Johnson? As of right now Auburn’s “starter” is Kam Martin, but in reality, the running backs are more by committee. It will be interesting to see if anyone in Auburn’s backfield emerges or has a breakout game.
— Just how good is that Auburn front 7? This is a group full of upperclassmen and a stout defensive line in Derrick Brown, Marlon Davidson, and Dontavius Russell. LSU will be the first team they play that really emphasizes physical play at the line of scrimmage and running the football. Will they dominate the trenches like most people believe they will?


— Has LSU finally found a Quarterback? Joe Burrow hasn’t been asked to do much this season, but that will all change Saturday. LSU better hope he’s able to throw the football because what they did to Miami won’t cut it against this Auburn defense. If Joe Burrow is exposed then it is going to be a long season for the bayou tigers.
— Can Ed Orgeron win a big SEC game? Ed Orgeron has always been a below average coach, but Saturday he gets a chance for some redemption. Beat this top ten Auburn team and LSU could make some serious noise in the SEC West.
So sit back, relax, and enjoy this matchup because if Georgia is going to lose a game this regular season it will be LSU or Auburn.

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