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Savannah Leigh’s Recruiting Corner: Ty Carter

Ty Carter (Photo Courtesy of Ty Carter)
Ty Carter (Photo Courtesy of Ty Carter)

This week’s recruit is Ty Carter from Hapeville Charter Career High School in Atlanta, Georgia. He is 6-4, and 290 pounds, 2019 prospect. He currently has one offer from Tennessee but is still pushing for more exposure and attention from other schools. I conducted an interview with him last week to catch up and see where things stand right now in his recruiting process. 

Q: How’s the football season gone for you and your team so far?


We are 4-1 and having a really good season,” Carter said. “This year we are number 2 in our division (2A) and No. 25 all over the state. We are having a pretty good season, and we have a great coaching staff that shows us what we need to do and pushes us hard every day. They work us very hard in practice and give us a great deal of appreciation to them.”


Q:  How has the recruiting process been so Far?


It’s been pretty good, I’ve had a couple schools approach me for the past few months. My recruiting process really took off this summer when I picked up my first offer from Tennessee,” Carter stated.



Q: What Camps did you go to this season? Did you have a favorite? Where was the favorite?


“I went to South Carolinas camp and I went to Auburn’s camp at the very beginning of the summer. Not really a favorite, I like both schools very well and I have a pretty good relationship with both coaching staffs. Both schools did a good job showing me what they offer and what they could do for my future.”


Q: Tell me what you think about Tennessee? How is it to be recruited by them? What kinds of things are they doing to get your attention?


“It’s been pretty good. They’ve invited me to a few games, I haven’t been able to attend on so far. But I plan on going to one in the very near future. It’s been a good process you know I’ve spoke to the coaches and Coach Thigpen specifically recruiting me. He’s doing a good job keeping me engaged with their program, so I like it so far and they are doing a good job.”


Q: Tell me what you think about Georgia and are you being recruited by them. If yes, Any visits? What are they doing to get your attention? Are they still pursuing you hard?


“They have reached out to me this summer and want me to visit after the season to where my body is healthy and I’m feeling good and can work out to my full potential. So I can show them what I can do.”


Q: If you could go anywhere in the country where would it be and why?


“I don’t have a specific school, but I would like to go to a place where I can come in as a freshman and make an impact and play. That is my biggest concern as I look forward to college is to be able to play as a freshman or to be able to have some sort of playing time or a chance to earn a spot my freshman year.”


Q: What has been a unique thing a team/fanbase Done during your recruiting process?


“I have a lot of Tennessee fans that have followed me and tweeted at me over the past few months after I posted the offer. They aren’t really doing too much, but if I post a picture they will comment on it asking me to commit and things like that. Which is probably the norm for whatever team you acquire for football.”


Q: What type of things are you doing to get coaches attentions?


“My film is being sent out every time I make a highlight for a new game or a mid-season tape. My coaches are doing a really good job at sending those out and sending them my transcripts to coaches who ask and to coaches who don’t ask to get me noticed by people who don’t know me. They are doing a pretty good job at getting my name out there.”


Q: Have you decided what you want to go to school for yet?


“I would like to go to school for sports medicine.”

Carter is one of the most well-spoken players that I have had a privilege of speaking to and cannot wait to see where how the recruiting trail pans out for this talented guy. He is an underrated prospect that I expect to blow up as his junior season continues and he heads into his senior season. It’s guys like Carter that make me enjoy interviewing and talking to players, as he embraces such passion for the game of football and is so well spoken and mannered. Keep an eye on Carter the rest of this 2017 season and look out for a follow-up interview to come from this Georgia based player.
Check out some of his film below!

C/L Ty Carter Sophomore Highlights:



Gorilla Warfare



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