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[break] So, the Big 10 wants to eliminate freshman eligibility in football and men’s basketball because those sports have the poorest academic performance among student athletes. No problem B1G boys, you can accomplish your goal tomorrow. The only problem is that the League’s convictions are not strong enough to go it alone. Because…money.
[break] [break] The Big 10 could pass a freshman ineligible rule anytime and have the immense satisfaction of knowing that it is not a slave to the money interests of big-time college sports. But is a slave to those interests.


What can a conference do to appear concerned about the educational welfare of it’s money-making athletes. Ask NCAA to force everyone’s freshmen to sit, of course.


Do not be concerned, America. This is just another rhetorical exercise from the kings of hypocrisy.


Big Ten introduces proposal to rule freshmen ineligible for men’s basketball, football

[break] [break] (h/t Get The Picture)

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