What’s the Word? Spotlighting Dr. Destin Hill

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What’s the Word? Spotlighting Dr. Destin Hill

Dr. Destin Hill
Dr. Destin Hill

Dr. Destin Hill is a native of Powder Springs, Georgia, and graduated from the University of Georgia and then received a medical degree from the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta, Georgia. He went to Arizona to complete his residency. Next, he moved to Birmingham, Alabama, and did a sports medicine fellowship for a year before he moved back to Arizona to begin private practice. Dr. Hill has such a terrific sports medicine story, already at just 36 years of age. I had the pleasure of speaking with Dr. Hill about his amazing accomplishments.
Growing up near the Dawgs’ neck of the woods, UGA was a top choice for him. One of his best friends in high school was planning to attend that coming fall, which swayed his decision. Also staying in state as well as receiving the Hope Scholarship provided much assistance in paying for the
expenses of college. “I fell in love with it. I loved it [the campus] when I visited with my family and friends, and just enjoyed the school,” remarked Dr. Hill.
Dr. Hill always knew he had an interest in sports, and he knew he would want to stay in sports throughout his career. Upon entering UGA, he joined the team as a walk-on his freshman year. He only played for one year, but a significant action took place early on, and it led to his current career. Dr. Hill said, “A team physician, Dr. Ron Elliott, was there, and I got to watch and see what he did as a sports medicine physician, and I think the thing that changed my perspective on my career was watching him.” Dr. Hill knew exactly what field he wanted to pursue, and it wasn’t the football field. He really admired Dr. Elliott’s interaction with the players and his determination to get the injured players back on the field. At the time, Destin observed Dr. Elliott, and it made a profound impact on his life.
Dr. Hill, at only the age of 32, became a team physician for the Arizona Cardinals. He is also a team physician for the Arizona Diamondbacks. He also assists with the Arizona Coyotes, Colorado Rockies, San Francisco Giants, Chicago Cubs, Oakland A’s, and Pittsburgh Pirates. I asked him what it is like being involved year-round with amazing athletes and teams. He was excited to say, “It is never boring! It’s so great! You get transitioned from one season into the next and have a blast. It is hard to believe you get paid to do this!”
Both of Dr. Hill’s parents were military, and when he was just six months old he moved to Frankfurt, Germany. While his parents were at work, his babysitter spoke to him in German, so he actually spoke German first. Wishing he had kept the German skills he honed, he lost all ability to speak the language fluently when he moved back to the States. When he was in medical school in Augusta, Georgia, there was a minor league Arena Football team, the Augusta Spartans. One of Dr. Hill’s high school buddies played on the team, and he went to watch him play. Dr. Hill was a field goal kicker in high school and at Georgia for a year. After the Spartans game, his friend asked him to join the team as their kicker. As a third-year medical student, he tried out and became the field goal kicker for the Spartans.
“It’s funny, I was actually talking to one of our [Arizona Cardinals] players, Jarvis Jones, a former Dawg, and we actually talk about the Bulldogs all the time,” Dr. Hill stated. After all, they both think the Dawgs are poised to have a good year. Dr. Hill believes that our offense will be much improved from last season, and the defense… well, what Kirby has done with them is very appealing to Dr. Hill. “There is talent everywhere,” Dr. Hill pronounced. He went on to say the Dawgs have a great chance for the Southeastern Conference East division, and he feels pretty good about this season.
What a great time I had talking to such an intelligent, accomplished and humble Dawg. Dr. Hill’s full interview can be found as a podcast on the Bulldawg Illustrated website.
You can listen to my full interview with Dr. Destin Hill on our SoundCloud channel, BD Illustrated ON AIR:



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