UGA Hosts “Barrow Dawg Walk”

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UGA Hosts “Barrow Dawg Walk”

UGA's Indoor Athletic Facility dedication 14-FEB-2017
UGA’s Indoor Athletic Facility

The students of Barrow Elementary participated in a “Dawg Walk” at Georgia’s new Indoor Athletic Facility hosted by the UGA Athletic Association on Tuesday.

It was an opportunity to show the students, ranging from pre-K to fifth grade, the product of the construction they had witnessed from the school yard.
Bones were set up to lead the students across the street to resemble their own “Dawg Walk”. The kids participated in activities in the new Indoor Athletic Facility, including throwing footballs and completing an obstacle course. About 12 athletes from football, women’s track and field, and swimming and diving were in attendance to assist with the activities.
“We are so appreciative of the UGA staff and student-athletes who really are a part of our school,” Mimi Elliot-Gower, Barrow Elementary Family Engagement Specialist, said. “For both being adult role models and students as well as being athletic influences for our students. It gives them a big picture of a whole life with fun, athletics, and academics.”

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