#5 Georgia Outplays #10 LSU in Sold Out Home Series

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#5 Georgia Outplays #10 LSU in Sold Out Home Series

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The Bulldogs finished out their series against LSU at Foley Field Sunday afternoon with a 7-9 win in what ended up being a close game.

Although LSU broke Georgia’s 10-game winning streak on Friday by handing them a 1-0 loss, the Tigers lost their first series to the Bulldogs since 2011 with a 2-0 defeat on Saturday along with the Sunday loss.

“It was a great weekend of baseball,” Georgia coach Scott Stricklin said after the victory. “LSU is one of those historic programs in college baseball, preseason number one and just all around full of talent. We found a way to win the series. We always talk to our guys about how this is every weekend in the SEC. We have to take the wins for what they are when they come. It’s great to have the atmosphere and the sellouts. It was a weekend of three thrilling, excellent baseball games.”





John Cable with a grand slam

Graduate transfer John Cable started off the scoring in the third inning with his second grand slam of the season. His hit sent L.J. Talley, Aaron Schunk and Riley King home followed by himself.  This hit gave Georgia an edge that eventually won them the game.

“I knew he was going to come with the fastball right there,” Cable said. “He did and I got it. I got all of it.”

Cable said that he was so excited and pumped full of adrenaline that he “kind of blacked out.”





Tucker Maxwell steals third

In the seventh inning, Tucker Maxwell was second up to bat and singled to centerfield. He stole the next two bases before scoring on an error by the catcher. These are Maxwell’s 10th and 11th steals of the season and he has yet to be caught. The seventh ended with King running in another score for the Bulldogs giving them a 6-1 lead going into the eighth.

In the eighth, the Tigers had an offensive burst. They scored four runs tightening the score gap to  6-5. In the bottom of the inning, Georgia came back with Austin Biggar. He had replaced Mason meadows at catcher in the third inning when Meadows fouled a ball off of his face resulting in a few facial fractures. He proved his offensive value with the first Bulldog hit of the eighth inning. He smashed a home run that send both he and Chaney Rodgers to home plate and giving the Bulldogs a more secure lead of 8-5.

Randon Jernigan

The defensive play of the game came from freshman Randon Jernigan out in left field. LSU’s Zach Watson hit what appeared to be a two-run home run but Jernigan was not going to let that happen. He jumped up and caught the ball after it had already begun to clear the fence.

 “That’s a momentum changer,” head coach Scott Stricklin said of Jernigan’s catch. “All of a sudden he gets to the wall, and you’re like, ‘Oh no.’ And he makes a great catch. It was just demoralizing.”

Georgia will refocus on non-conference play this week when they head to Atlanta on Tuesday to face Georgia Tech at 7 p.m.





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