Bad Habits Are Hard To Break, Especially For Georgia Men’s Basketball

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Bad Habits Are Hard To Break, Especially For Georgia Men’s Basketball

Nicolas Claxton

Georgia suffered another loss Tuesday night, this time in College Station, Texas to the Aggies 73-56. Although the Bulldogs’ head coach Tom Crean said that the team worked out their internal issues following his last game-day press conference comments, the team cannot seem to fix the problems that keep occurring on the court.

Personal fouls haunt this team because they set opponents up to score free points. Texas A&M had the opportunity to score 27 points off of free throws but only sunk 19. Those 19 free throws account for more than a third of the Aggies total points. Without them Georgia could have won 56-54.

The Bulldogs slightly cooled off on the turnovers in this game by committing only 12, but it still remains a major issue in play. They have a total of 379 this season while they opponents have committed a collective 255. That is more than 100 less than Georgia, who average 16.7 per game.





The main issue with turnovers is the amount of possession time it gives the opponent. Texas A&M averaged 19 seconds per possession on Tuesday night while Georgia averaged 16. This allowed the Aggies ample time to score 12 extra points off of the Bulldogs’ 12 turnovers.

One Bulldog that performed well was Nicolas Claxton. He led the team in scoring with 18 points against the Aggies. He has not scored that many point since the Bulldogs faced off against Texas five games ago. He also racked up 10 rebounds and an assist. The sophomore forward only contributed one turnover to the team’s total.

Georgia is set to play LSU in Athens, Georgia at 6 p.m. in Stegeman Coliseum on Saturday.









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