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The Bulldogs ended their four game losing streak Saturday against Texas. Not only were they able to secure a comfortable win, 98-88, but some players broke season and career-highs against the Longhorns.

Even though Georgia had been previously struggling during the second half, most notably against Kentucky, they dominated Texas after being tied at the half. Scoring for the Dawgs was not the issue against the Longhorns.

“The issue is we have to get the three stops in a row, we have to get deflections, and we have to bear down and put multiple stops together defensively. [The men] have been so down at times because they weren’t scoring, and it would carry over to the defensive end and just snowball. Well now if we can take the next step, if we can come down and guard, that makes our cutting and break that much better,” Head coach Tom Crean said.





This game showed the men’s potential to do just that.

The Bulldogs reached a season high shooting percentage, 66.7%, as well as a season high from behind the three-point line at 71%. Tyree Crump had a lot to do with the team’s impressive stream of consecutive threes.

Crump scored a season-high 21 points and a career best of six threes.





The crowd was a big factor in the team’s success, especially for Crump who could be seen feeding off the crowd’s energy with every celebration after a significant shot.

“I feel like once the fans get going we start to play harder… Once I hit a shot I look into the crowd, trying to get them going,” Crump said.

Crean added Saturday was the best the crowd had ever been.

“[The fans] have been really good, but [Saturday] they truly, without a doubt, helped us get this victory numerous times in the game,” Crean said.

However, even though the Bulldogs broke their losing streak alongside various records, they also broke another record of something the men shouldn’t aim to do: a season high on turnovers.

The Bulldogs had 26 turnovers, and this is an aspect of their game they will need to work on in order to continue winning.

Nicolas Claxton said that this was one of their most complete games offensively, but that they still had much room for improvement. He said that the turnovers is “something we definitely need to get a hold on.”

Crean considered this a good win, but took close note of what aspects of the Bulldog’s game must be improved for their upcoming game next week.  

“[This game] wasn’t masterful, but that’s the thing. This is a great example to show we are getting better. Even if the wins have not shown in the last few weeks, we are improving, but we have a lot of improving to do,” Crean said.

Georgia will travel to Arkansas Tuesday. Tip-off is slated for 7 p.m. eastern time.





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