Georgia Exacts Revenge on Alabama, Defeating the Crimson Tide 76-67 in Overtime

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Georgia Exacts Revenge on Alabama, Defeating the Crimson Tide 76-67 in Overtime

The Lady Bulldogs got their revenge Sunday night in overtime against the Alabama Crimson Tide. When they last met on the court in Athens, Georgia, they lost 58-53. 

Assistant head coach Karen Lange said that having Taja Cole on the court this go around would make the difference—and it did. The Bulldogs won 76-67, and Cole had 10 assists with 11 points. This is the second time this season she has posted double-digit assists in a game. 

Caliya Robinson and Gabby Connally also had a notable game. Connally put up 14 points, and Robinson put up 29 combined with 14 rebounds. This is Robinson’s third consecutive 20-point game, and her seventh overall this season. 





Georgia landed a 13-8 lead early in the game, but Alabama tightened the score to eventually take the lead for the first 10 minutes. The Bulldogs responded with a 7-0 run in the second quarter to put them up 34-27 at half. 

They had as much as a 10 point lead, but allowed the Crimson Tide to go on an 11-0 run to tie the game in the fourth. Georgia was unable to finish late in the fourth, sending the game into overtime. Robinson and Cole’s performance in overtime secured the win for the Bulldogs. 

Overall, Lange is impressed with the ladies’ consistency on the court and their three-game winning streak. 





“I am just so proud of our team. To win three games in one week is not easy. This was a tough game and it took a lot of guts to come out of here with a win. We asked them today just to give us everything you’ve got, and that’s what they did. I am so proud of them,” Lange said. 

Head Coach Joni Taylor was not in attendance tonight, and it is still unknown on whether or not she will travel to Florida with the team. Georgia is set to play the Gators Thursday. They are only two games away from the SEC tournament. 





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