PHOTOS: The Crean Era Opens at Stegeman – UGA-98, West GA-59

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PHOTOS: The Crean Era Opens at Stegeman – UGA-98, West GA-59


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Tom Crean Postgame Quotes:
On the team improving…“They want to do well, they’re pleasers. They want to get better, but we just have to get more consistent and tougher in certain areas. We can’t let a win and the points we scored trick us into believing we don’t have a long way to go. I’m happy with the way we defended shots. I thought they took some really tough shots, but we defended them. We have to get so much better guarding the dribble, talking on defense, and all the things that make a team successful. The good news is we have some more film to evaluate. We have some more players to evaluate based on this game and based on the UAB game. Now we get ourselves ready to go next week.”
On zone offense…“We have not worked on zone offense really at all. Maybe a little bit the first week of practice, but not really at all because we’re trying to get our concepts, and moving without the ball. We weren’t attacking the way we needed to attack, and I know they only had one field goal in the first ten or eleven minutes of the game. We put a zone offense in at halftime, and they showed that they can do that. They can move the ball. They can try to make the plays that need to be made in that sense. I’m impressed with that, but we just have to get so much better at the fundamentals of the game, and so much better at making the game simpler for others. And we got to get so much better at the toughness part of this. Which means bearing down, guarding the dribble better, grabbing the rebounds with two hands. All those things that make teams improve, and we got to work hard at that.”









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