Tye Fagan: A Player to Watch on the Court

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Tye Fagan: A Player to Watch on the Court

Tye Fagan
Tye Fagan

In high school, Tye Fagan was ranked as the No. 18 combo guard in the country by 247Sports and head coach Tom Crean’s first commit to Georgia under his new program at Georgia.

When asked in an interview on Wednesday why he chose to play for the Bulldogs, Fagan said, “One: they have the best fans in the nation. Two: I believe in his (Tom Crean) plans for me as a player and for the team. Where we want to go, where we want to get the team to, his development of players individually which will lead to a better team as a whole, I trust him.”

This being his first year at Georgia, Crean’s coaching style is very new to both returning and freshmen players.





“It is easy to buy into but I will admit at times it can be difficult because a lot of it is new,” Fagan said.  They say we are fighting it but it is hard to switch something that you have been doing so long for something new. It is a good process.”

During his time at Upson-Lee High School in Thomaston, Georgia Fagan played in and won two GHSA Class 4A state titles. He gained valuable skills and experience playing in environments like the championship games.

“The best thing about being on that team was that it provided me with leadership skills. It taught me when you are winning how to continue winning,” said Fagan. That provided me with experiences to come here as a freshman and still be who I am, a leader.





Recruiting Fagan was a win for the Bulldogs. He plays tough and plays with a “hard-nosed” style. He is also a fighter that knows how to win.

Crean said that he hopes to see Fagan keep improving and having confidence. “Tye Fagan is going to be a tremendous defensive player guarding numerous people and a rebounder.”





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