UGA MBB VIDEO: Tyree Crump – Georgia vs. Florida Pregame Interview – Tuesday, March 03, 2020

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UGA MBB VIDEO: Tyree Crump – Georgia vs. Florida Pregame Interview – Tuesday, March 03, 2020

UGA men's basketball senior student-athlete Tyree Crump (4)
UGA men’s basketball senior student-athlete Tyree Crump (4)

In a UGA men’s basketball pregame interview on Tuesday, senior Tyree Crump discusses overcoming adversity and his relationship with teammate Jordan Harris as the Bulldogs prepare for their upcoming SEC game versus Florida.

Crump and Harris both came to UGA as part of the Hoop Dogs’ 2016 class under former head coach Mark Fox. Crump says Harris has been there for him over the past 4 years at Georgia, especially when he got the news that his mother had been diagnosed with Lupus.

“He was there for me a lot. Growing up, I had a lot of problems and a lot of family issues. I was really depressed because my mom got Lupus, and I didn’t have a father. It was kind of hard on me, but he was always there and basketball was kind of my outlet. If I was feeling down and depressed, I would call Jordan and we would talk on the phone a lot or I would just go to his house and we would just play basketball all day or go to the mall and stuff like that. He always made sure that I was good, so that’s been my boy.”





“We’ve been through a lot of adversity. He’s been through a lot of adversity. I’ve always been there for him. When the tables turned and I went through a lot of adversity, he has been there for me. We’re not roommates, but how much we’re together you would think that we were. We’re just together a lot. Nobody knows our relationship. It just can’t be described. I don’t have to talk to him for a year, and he could call me and get anything he wants. That’s just the relationship we have. That’s my brother. It’s been a rollercoaster. It’s been ups and downs. Now, we’re having fun with it. Tomorrow is our senior night. We have the SEC tournament, and we’re just trying to finish the season strong.”

Crump on what the future holds for he and Harris after this season:

“I’m not sure. We’re probably just going to be talking about the future. We want to continue to keep playing ball.”





Crump on his recent play:

“If you’re always in the gym, then your time will come back around. My opportunity came back around, and I’m going to be ready.”

Crump on what the seniors’ roles are when it comes to the team and helping to develop the Bulldogs’ basketball program:

“Definitely leadership. That’s what Coach Crean has preached to us, leadership.”





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