Video: Tom Crean on Teaching Better Ball Handling

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Video: Tom Crean on Teaching Better Ball Handling

Tom Crean

One aspect of Georgia’s game that is in obvious need of improvement is ball handling. Lack necessary discipline and technique to move the ball up the count and into scoring position has been a constant concern for many men’s basketball observers.
At yesterday’s press conference, Bulldawg Illustrated’s Vance Leavy asked Coach Crean how he coaches critical ball handling skills:
“We don’t teach dribbling as much as you teach driving. You want to drive the ball. Which means it is a combination of a lot of things. It’s your shoulder turning, it’s your foot turning, it’s your hip turning, it’s the ball getting out in front, it’s your eyes staying lifted. The big, big thing is pounding the ball.”
Physical toughness while driving the ball is another aspect stressed by Crean.
“We put these hand pads – they are basically boxing sparing mitts – or we put body pads…We are trying to get people to stretch their games and before you can stretch their games you’ve gotta stretch their minds.”

Be sure to click the video to hear the full answer to the ball handling question. Discipline, training and toughness are consistent themes of Crean’s coaching philosophy. It will be interesting to see how the team reacts to his approach.


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