2016 Dawgs and “Potential”

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2016 Dawgs and “Potential”

Offensive line coach Sam Pittman
Offensive line coach Sam Pittman
Photo: Greg Poole/Bulldawg Illustrated

Take a look at any Georgia position group and you will find loads of potential on campus and more potential will be arriving shortly to begin the process of transitioning from high school to the upper echelon of college football. The problem, of course, is that potential relates to the future, and UGA has a date with a good North Carolina team on national television on September 3rd. Georgia’s first-year staff will be put to the test this summer.
The Lady Sportswriter (Kimberly Nash) recently observed:

I’ve made mention of the running back situation before and, honestly, even with plenty of excitement surrounding the potential of Nick Chubb returning, the potential of Sony Michel in Jim Chaney’s offense, the potential of a ready-to-roll Elijah Holyfield, the potential of what Tae Crowder and Brendan Douglas might contribute, and the potential that Shaquery Wilson will shake out to be more than just a plug-and-play option, you have to wonder how potentially catastrophic things would become if even one piece to that depth chart puzzle didn’t end up working out as expected–if you dare expect anything.
Perhaps that’s the reason Smart isn’t ready to release that breath just yet.
The fact of the matter is this: the offensive line is a work in progress. There’s plenty of reason to feel very good about the addition of offensive line coach Sam Pittman, but he’s not burning up the recruiting trail for big offensive linemen because he just wants to add to the coffers. He wasn’t happy with the size of the guys on the roster when he arrived at Georgia, and he knows he needs to fill in the blanks as soon as possible.

Let’s not forget the defensive line. Potential abounds.
Wide Receivers? Quarterback? Defensive backs? Linebackers? Tight ends and special teams? Yes, they all have potential. The history of the 2016 Georgia Bulldogs will be a story about coaching – about developing potential.
I believe that the team of coaches assembled by Kirby Smart can turn potential into wins and build a talent base for future campaigns. How many wins in 2016?

Potentially, 10+.

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