3 Most Important Dawgs Saturday

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3 Most Important Dawgs Saturday

Its quite obvious that the team needs to collectively play better at every single position on the field Saturday, but here are the three most important players who have to show up in order for Georgia to win the game.

Jake Fromm:





Lets start with the obvious one here in Jake Fromm. There was some QB talk going around after Fromm’s bad performance against LSU, but lets be real, I will be completely shocked if he doesn’t remain the starter in the WLOCP. Another bad game from Fromm and this game could get away from the Dawgs quickly. When an offense consistently stalls out it affects the defense and wears them down. Georgia’s defense kept them lingering in the LSU game even giving the team a chance in the fourth quarter to rally, but four turnovers and nine punts were to much to overcome. Ultimately, Jake Fromm doesn’t need to have a statistically crazy game, he just needs to avoid turning the ball over and keeping the offense from repetitive drives that end in three and outs.

Elijah Holyfield:

Its a surprise to nobody, but this man has to get the ball in his hands more. He runs physical, powerful, motivated, and just straight up mean. The LSU game had fans scratching their heads as to why the Bulldogs did not run the ball more and specifically feed Holyfield who only received seven carries. Expect a heavy dose of the rushing attack against Florida and Holyfield’s workload to double. To win this game you have to run the football and Holyfield is the exact man for the job he just needs to get some love.





Monty Rice:

Monty Rice (32)

Rice is the leading tackler at the linebacker position this season and he needs to play like it against a run heavy first team in Florida. The inside linebacker play specifically has been one of the bigger issues for Georgia this season. Kirby has been rotating multiple guys out there and ill say it again, Roquan Smith is severely missed. The top four leading tacklers on this team are secondary players and that tends to show how much a teams front seven is struggling. Make no mistake, Florida is going to run the ball and then run the ball some more right at Georgia’s face. Monty Rice, who is the most consistent tackling ILB on the team, needs to have a big game preventing the running backs from reaching the second level breaking off chunk yardage plays. If the Bulldogs are not capable of stopping the run then it is going to be a long day.





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