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Georgia fans are celebrating this weekend. Their favorite player has made the Colts roster. Blankenship arrived at UGA as a preferred walk-on. Similarly, he began his NFL career as an undrafted free agent. In both cases, he defied the odds. Now he is on the verge of establishing himself with his new fanbase.

Of course, Bulldog fans are not surprised that Rodrigo appears to be on his way to a successful pro career. His rise from obscurity to cult-like status in Athens was jump-started when he wore his helmet to his first post-practice interview in November 2016. His unconventional approach to his newfound fame cemented “Specs” in the hearts of Dawgs everywhere. He is sure to be a fan favorite in the Big Apple also.

Rodrigo Blankenship - post-Wednesday practice interview 09-Nov-2016
Rodrigo Blankenship





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