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JT Daniels
JT Daniels


UGA is losing a ton of experience in the secondary.  How much?





-6300 snaps

-464 targets

-366 tackles





-52 passes defended

-41 pass break ups

Will the young secondary bring the havoc or lack of experience wreak havoc as they learn to fill the big shoes of the veterans

Can the young DBs play better on early downs?

Despite the SEC’s 6th best Pass Success Rate Allowed (42.9%), Dawgs were 2nd in Passing Down Success Rate (28.8%).  So, when UGA gets offenses off schedule they execute resulting in a 6.9% DB Havoc Rate (4th in SEC).   

On 2nd, 3rd, and 4th downs and yards to gain 6+, UGA pass defense allowed 35% success rate with just 5 TDs.   But on 1st downs, UGA gave up a 49.6% success rate on passes and 4 TDs

Lewis CIne will be the veteran in a young defenisve backfield

Pass Defended2
Defensive Snaps551
Coverage Snaps354
PFF Def Grade72


Success Rate is percentage of plays that gain:

50% yards to gain on 1st Down

70% yards to gain on 2nd Down

100% yards to gain  3rd/4th Down

Success can be used to measure an offense or defense unit as a whole, or individual player, or situational. Highly efficient offense will have very high success rate.

EPA is the stat that probabaly turns most fans away from the analytics.  Just think of it as a numerical value to the effectiveness of a play.  It stands for “Expected Points Added” and assigns a value to each play based on down, distance, and  field postion.  The higher the number, the higher the EPA number will be. Using the EPA and Success Rate, one can track “explosiveness”.  If you take just the plays that successful and meausre those plays you get the explosiveness metric.

Total OffensePasing OffensePass Explosiveness
41.8%48.4%35.9%43.1%66 Plays56 Plays

There was a clear change in offensive production, efficiency, and explosiveness once J.T. Daniels became the starter at QB. Can Monken and Daniels pick up where they left off?  Look for some explosive plays on G Day 





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