Are the Bulldogs actually “thin” at receiver?

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Are the Bulldogs actually “thin” at receiver?

Georgia wide receiver, Arian Smith

In a press conference on Tuesday, Kirby Smart was reported to have referred to the team’s wide receiver depth as “thin.” And while that may be the case on paper, Georgia still has a lot of talent in that room. The media were given an opportunity to observe a spring practice from the sidelines, so here are some names and notes that Georgia fans should be thinking about leading up to G-Day.

Arian Smith
Smith has been said by Kirby to still be recovering from surgery but appears to be participating in a majority of the activity observed in practice. In what appeared to be one-on-one drills, Smith easily got around early-enrollee, Daylen Everette. The next rep he had, he sped past the likes of Chris Smith. He looks to be making a strong recovery back to one hundred percent, and if he isn’t back by G-Day, he’ll definitely be making a strong appearance come September against Dan Lanning and his Oregon Ducks.

Arik Gilbert
Having Arik’s name on a wide receiver list almost feels like hypocrisy at this point. He was clearly taking reps at tight end with Geode, Seither, and Delp. The former LSU Tiger took reps both behind and in front of Geode and Seither which is interesting. Without Brock and Darnell to solidify the rotation, Geode looks to be TE1. But factoring in Arik’s size and pedigree, don’t expect that to be the case for long.

CJ Smith & De’Nylon Morisette
In an interview on Thursday, sophomore wideout Marcus Rosemy-Jacksaint raved about the potential of these two early enrollees. When asked about them, he had to collect himself because of his excitement and praised their speed and intelligence.

At practice, Smith wore the number 18. Still recovering from surgery, CJ did not participate in drills to the extent to which Arian did, but he was still dressed and present. Listed at six-foot-three, he definitely looks the part. His size combined with his speed makes for great potential. Time will tell whether or not it reveals itself.

Morisette, wearing the number 23, appeared to be practicing and participating in all drills. Judging from his recruiting profile he’s definitely talented, but after his performance in one-on-ones he is still looking to get a grasp of things out there. After an offseason in this program, he’ll be set.

Adonai Mithcell
What hasn’t been said about AD Mitchell? Players have given him nonstop acclaim. During practice he was taking first team reps in 11-personnel drills with Kearis Jackson, Marcus Rosemy-Jacksaint, and Ryland Goede. With all the hype, a starting position would not be surprising.

Marcus Rosemy-Jacksaint & Dominick Blaylock
Both of their careers have been hindered by injury, and now that they’re healthy and depth is thin, they’re prime and set to compete for larger roles next season. While admitting he’s been in better shape in terms of health Marcus said, “He’s getting back there,” and on Dominick Blaylock’s status he said he looked “smooth.”

Kearis Jackson
With all the craze revolving around names like AD Mitchell and Brock Bowers, Kearis Jackson almost becomes an afterthought. Prior to last season Jackson put up a quiet 36 catches for 514 yards. He’s executed at an above average level before. With open competition this spring practice, he just has to earn the opportunity to do it again.

Conclusion: While the Georgia Bulldogs are indeed thin at receiver, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re thin at talent at the position. The Dawgs need to focus on proper conditioning and injury prevention so that this lack of depth doesn’t come back to bite them this coming season.





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