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Backs Against The Wall

Kirby Smart
Kirby Smart

Although mathematically speaking this is not a must-win game in order for Georgia to win the east, it definitely will show us if the Bulldogs are contenders or pretenders.

Kirby Smart doesn’t see it that way though as he believes every game is just as important as the next.

‘’We don’t really talk about the stakes of these games,” Smart said. “When I talk to the team, I talk about every game is important.  I mean, the last SEC game is just as important as this SEC game.  The next SEC game is just as important as this one.  We prepare for all the games the same because if you’re not doing that then it’s kind of like, ‘What are you saying to the players?’  So we are very consistent in our preparation and very consistent in our message that it doesn’t matter who we play.  We’ve got to go play our best game.  We feel like if we play our best game, then we’ll come out on top.’’





Unfortunately for Georgia, the loss to LSU leaves them no wiggle room and adversity is right in the teams face. Its time to sink or swim as a loss to Florida and the season is most likely over.

The good news and reality of the situation is that Georgia still controls its own destiny. Despite the poor performance against LSU, the Dawgs have a great opportunity to right the ship on Saturday.

Georgia fans would have never expected to be worried about Florida and Kentucky this late into the season, but here we are entering week nine and the east is down to these three teams.





The next three weeks will ultimately decide who wins the SEC East and for Georgia, the first step in that direction is beating the Gators.

With its backs against the wall and the SEC East in heated contention will the Bulldogs respond?









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