Bayou Bengals Pose Legit Threat to 6-0 Dawgs

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Bayou Bengals Pose Legit Threat to 6-0 Dawgs

Terry Godwin (5)

Han Vance on Georgia football: That it is working this season for them in Baton Rogue should come as no surprise, yet LSU was picked back in the pack by prognosticators, far and wide. This is such a huge game and now they are desperate for the home win on the bayou. Thanks, Gators.

Now I got worry. I’m glad it isn’t a crazy night game, because this is a tough spot.

Flagshipping: Thing about Louisiana football, which I grew up around for a couple of years (Natchitoches Junior High and Jonesboro High School) is the talent is clearly there in the state. It’s a big time football state, so, of course the flagship – who won’t even let La-La (where I had intended to play) say the word “Louisiana” without quickly clarifying “Lafayette” after – have an unholy advantage in recruiting. Similar to Georgia, they run the state. They often have real talent come off the bench seemingly out of nowhere.

The team gives touches to loads of guys and is producing all around in points and lopsided wins.

Offensive: After six easy wins to start the season, Georgia faces four ranked SEC teams consecutively: LSU, Florida, Kentucky, Auburn. Nothing is lost as far as ultimate team goals should the Dawgs not survive this game. Pass defense is the strength of their team so far but look for veteran Terry Godwin, back on his game after nagging early injuries, to get open and make plays this Saturday. Look for Swift on screens, too, after both such mentioned worked big for Georgia, on a Homecoming where team optimism grew as the game wore on into the night. Was fun, I had UGA people over for TV at the townhouse.

Jake Fromm is currently on pace to set the SEC’s completion percentage mark, currently held by Dog Hutson Mason, but Tide folk hero Tua actually has a few percentage points even better at 75%.

Rank: LSU tumbled from a too-lofty Top 5, as the SEC East continued its ascent toward the West with another big Gators’ win. The World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party just got so much huger. Georgia wins there and Kentucky, the division stays with the nation’s oldest public school. A chance to repeat as champion. The Bayou Bengals receivers didn’t make the plays when they had the ball in their hands with a chance to win, but that was in the Swamp. A place so darn ugly that we never even visit.

I lived down there, both Louisiana and Florida – where I will be reporting live on the ahem, cultural scene in the Sunshine State starting on Friday October 26…Bridges to everywhere…

Personal Mini-Essay: The Louisiana Purchase made America what it is…was, and NOLA is bon temps. First place I drank in a bar. With my dad and his new wife, we went to the jazz bar, where I never removed my black wayfarers. See I’m actually step-Cajun, as my father left my mother for that same Cajun woman when I first lived down there on the island. We visited New Orleans together, the three of us. My stepmom’s a cool lady, lives in Georgia now. I first moved from old Marietta to little Grand Lake Isle, an island affectionately and only ever known in speech as “Big Lake” – Big Lake School was K-12 and did not have football. So, I led the basketball team in scoring and my several year hobby of kissing Cajun girls, ambiguously lightly ethnic white girls, usually with dark hair and beautiful faces, from Spain or France with mixed bloodlines. I was what you have heard called of other boys “girl crazy.” I later considered attending Louisiana State University, as well, amongst my first choices: UGA 1!, and Miami (2nd).

I have three very nice Cajun step-siblings from that marriage, one of my dad’s six such, he was engaged when he died. I have a warm fondness for my time(s) in Louisiana. Hope all the good Dawgs enjoy it!

Deux: I started at lone wideout for “The Natch” (say “Nack”) where I played football the next year. Then my crazy, spoiled rich-kid gypsy spirit dad, we moved again from Natchitoches to rural Weston after the season, which had no football. I commuted with the old man, to play for Jonesboro, later Jonesboro/Slade, the future threepeat state champions, which had great coaching, even took a math class there in 8th grade, last period. Listed my residence as my dad’s office in an intentional, and conspired upon with the coach there, scheme to get me on their field as a freshman. Jonesboro, a pulp mill town, replete with a faint funk, where football and basketball really mattered. I like Louisiana…a lot.



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