Ben Cleveland Confident About Managing Crowd Noise

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Ben Cleveland Confident About Managing Crowd Noise

Ben Cleveland (74)
Ben Cleveland (74)

Ben Cleveland spoke to the media about getting ready for South Carolina. He mentioned the team is focusing on conditioning and communicating through the crowd noise. Cleveland appeared confident the team is doing the right things to face the Gamecocks.
One of the things Cleveland mentioned the team focused on is their conditioning. The heat will be one of the biggest factors for Saturday’s game. This game will be the second week in a row with temperatures expected to be well in the 90’s. Georgia will likely rotate a lot during Saturday’s game attempting to keep guys hydrated.
“This week we’ve been focusing on our conditioning because it’s gonna be really hot over there,” Cleveland stated. “We’ve been putting an emphasis  on chasing the ball after it’s thrown, running on and off the field, the small things that will make a difference.”
The Bulldogs will have to deal with the Gamecocks on the field and in the stands. South Carolina’s fans will be loud and the song sandstorm will likely be stuck in their heads after hearing it one time. However, Cleveland seemed confident the team will be just fine with the noise.

“We do a great job during the week on away games working crowd noise, we’ll crank the speakers up in the indoor as loud as they can get just so we can get the feel of not being able to hear anything while we’re on offense,” Cleveland said.“Having to rely on hand signals, having to rely big time on communication, we worked out week in and week out every signal day.”

Check out Cleveland’s full interview and what he had to say.

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