BIG HAIRY BLAWG: Complete Georgia Bowl History

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BIG HAIRY BLAWG: Complete Georgia Bowl History

Kirby & Trent Thompson with the Liberty Bowl Trophy - Liberty Bowl - Dawgs 31 TCU 23
Kirby & Trent Thompson with the Liberty Bowl Trophy – Liberty Bowl – Dawgs 31 TCU 23





Georgia is 3rd in the nation in bowl wins (30) and can move Into 2nd in bowl appearances by reaching the National Championship Game, in Atlanta. The Rose Bowl of the CFP is UGA’s 52nd bowl game.


Most appearances, including a +1 added for the current football season, where applicable (Note: all CFP games count as bowls): Bama 66, Texas 53, Nebraska 53, GEORGIA 52, Tennessee 52, USC 51, Oklahoma 50.


Not only did our league champion Georgia Bulldogs tie Tennessee for 2nd-most SEC titles (13), UGA passes them in bowl appearances by winning the Rose on 1/1/18, the Vols disqualified in 2017 due to their record.


Most bowl wins: Bama 38, USC 34, GEORGIA 30, Oklahoma 29, Penn State 28, Texas 27, Tennessee 28, Nebraska 26. Should we drop the Rose Bowl, Oklahoma would tie UGA for the 3rd-most bowl wins.


Behind only VATech (25), Georgia officially has the second-longest NCAA bowl appearances streak going at twenty-one. It’s fair to note that FSU has actually played in more consecutive than either, prior and continuing, but eligibility problems caused them to have vacated bowls. Vacated rightly means that it does not favorably count for said school, according to the rules of NCAA records. Similar happened to Ohio State. Don’t get caught cheating and forfeit wins and then expect the nation to recognize the achievement. 1. Virginia Tech, 2. GEORGIA


These three rankings looked at cumulatively show the high quality of our program and in the bowl appearance streaks category, otherwise mighty Bama is nowhere in our sight. This proves that we are easily one of the – if not actually the single most – truly consistent football programs in the entirety of the bowl era. But with our national titles back in 1942 and 1980, it’s been such a long time since we dominated and shined at the highest level. (#3) Georgia has a valid shot for a national championship this year, coming in as the second-favorite by Vegas wager houses to (#4) Bama, who have 16 Nattys.


30-19-3 overall in bowls, Georgia extended the longest active bowl streak in the SEC. At a time it was generally considered the toughest football conference in America almost every year, we’ve made bowls for over two decades straight now. Nobody else in-league has even come close. Saban, for the curious, leads with eleven bowl wins, but contrary to common belief his winning percentages in bowls have never been that excellent.


Recently, Georgia won 4-of-5. The Dawgs have celebrated 8-of-11, with a running total going of 15-of-21. 17-of-23 would net us the Natty and show only six losses scattered amongst so many wins, further cementing status.


Jim Donnan was 4-0 in bowl games. Mark Richt had the best bowl record of any SEC coach in his 15-year tenure, not coaching in the bowl following the 2015 season when an interim head coach was allowed to get the win. Kirby Smart is 1-0 at Georgia and lifetime as a head coach. This is his biggest stage.



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