Bulldogs To Watch: Georgia vs. Kentucky 2022

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Bulldogs To Watch: Georgia vs. Kentucky 2022

Marcus Rosemy-Jacksaint (WR #1) – This man is on a tear. In what has become his breakout season, Marcus Rosemy-Jacksaint has so far caught 21 receptions for 241 receiving yards and a touchdown and is becoming a reliable starting option in the process. In the absence of A.D. Mitchell, you can see that the Dawgs have slotted MRJ right in, and while the two present their own unique skill sets, he’s proving himself to be worthy of the playing time he’s earned. He may just reel in a big one against Kentucky as the Wildcats have one of the better rush defenses in the SEC.

Darnell Washington (TE #0) – The “juggernaut” of a tight end just caught his first touchdown of the season against the Mississippi State Bulldogs, and it feels like he’s just getting started scoring wise at the back end of the regular season. In the past three games Darnell Washington has been getting about four targets a game. That’s a lot of opportunities given he averages 16.3 yards a reception. So far this season, he’s the team’s third most productive receiver and that should only continue against a lackluster Kentucky team.





Devin Willock (OL #77) – Georgia is already having another special season, but something special in particular that they do right now is consistently rotate their offensive lineman to keep legs fresh and energy high. Devin Willock has been one of the beneficiaries of this style. A third-year 6-7, 330-pound interior lineman who had his first start against Tennessee will (like he has all season) will get good playing time against Kentucky. Look out for him wearing 77 in the trenches. He’ll manhandle defenders in the running game.

Malaki Starks (DB #24) – As a true freshman Malaki Starks is already racking up statistics like he’s a veteran. Deployed at the safety and sometimes slot position, Starks has already amassed 48 total tackles (leads the team), six pass deflections and two interceptions. Long story short, Starks is not afraid to get physical, and that’s just the type of play the Dawgs will need as they tee off against a run-heavy Kentucky.

Smael Mondon JR. (LB #2) – Because of Kentucky’s smashmouth offense, linebacker Smael Mondon should wind up having a day. Against a run-heavy Florida team, Mondon put up a career high seven tackles. Last week against Mississippi State’s air raid offense, he surpassed that number putting up eight total tackles. Mondon is a sturdy backer who can display some crazy sideline-to-sideline speed when needed.





Zion Logue (DL #96) – You don’t hear his name called enough, but it’s only because senior Zion Logue is doing all the dirty work in the trenches. Sitting at a pretty 300 pounds, Logue is disruptive at the nose guard position. With his size and reach, he’s constantly eating up running lanes and blowing up plays before they happen. If something good happens defensively, you can probably trace it back to Logue just doing his job.





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