Bulldogs To Watch: UGA vs. TCU 2023

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Bulldogs To Watch: UGA vs. TCU 2023

Stetson Bennett (QB #13) – If you didn’t think Stetson Bennett was the guy before the 2022 Peach Bowl, you gotta know he is now. Albeit the game last Saturday wasn’t his most consistent performance, the show he was able to put on in the fourth quarter was simply put: awesome. It takes a different type of guy to throw 10 for 12 for 190 yards and 2 touchdowns and come back from a 14 point deficit in one quarter, but Bennett is him. TCU will present a 3-3-5 defense, so that’ll be a new challenge, but expect him to rise to the occasion.

Sedrick Van Pran (OL #63) – Georgia’s offensive line is one of the only groups in the country to rotate guys in and out on a regular basis, but one guy that’s always in is center, Sedrick Van Pran. Van Pran is the second signal caller of the offense. Like Bennett, he’s also assessing the defense to prepare plays. He’s got a good head on his shoulders, and you can see it in the way he plays. He’s very aware and understands how to set up blocks to get where his team needs to be.





Kenny McIntosh (RB #6) – People close to the program have referred to Kenny McIntosh as a “bigger, faster James Cook.” He definitely plays like it. Against Ohio State, he led the Dawgs in rushes and was third most in receiving yards. Second to Stetson Bennett, McIntosh can be considered the face of the offense. He’s a reliable asset and that won’t change against Sonny Dykes and the Horned Frogs.

Jamon Dumas-Johnson (LB #10) – What makes Jamon Dumas-Johson so special is his abilities both on and off of the field. As a true sophomore, Dumas-Johnson has legitimately earned the respect of everyone on the Georgia defense, and it’s because of his tangible and intangible skills at the position. He’s constantly making sure communication is being had between the front and back end of the defense, and when he’s not doing that he’s putting people in the dirt. Dumas-Johnson is a certified DAWG!

Javon Bullard (DB #22) – Javon Bullard is simply put: a madman. At the STAR (known by some as the nickel) position Bullard is doing anything and everything for this defense, matching receivers one-on-one in coverage or getting his hands dirty in the box. He’s a swiss army knife out there. In some of the Dawgs’ biggest games, Tennessee and, more recently, the Peach Bowl.





Jack Podlesny (PK #96) – Big games are often close games. If you want to close out a close game, you’ll need a good kicker. Jack Podlesny didn’t necessarily have his best game in the Benz against the Buckeyes, but it’s never good to judge using an outlier. To this point, Podlesny has been one of the best placekickers to ever adorn the red and black and silver britches, so he’ll be a weapon in what looks to be an intense matchup against the 13-1 TCU Horned Frogs.

Georgia defeated Texas Christian 34-3 on September 27th, 1980 to improve to 4-0 on the season en route to a perfect National and Southeastern Conference Championship season.

The Bulldogs and TCU met on September 10, 1988 Between the Hedges, with Tim Worley leading the way to a 38-10 victory which improved Georgia to 2-0 on the campaign.

In Georgia’s first ever postseason game, All-American “Fireball” Frank Sinkwich had a spectacular performance in a 40-26 Bulldogs Orange Bowl victory over TCU 1/1/1942.





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