Can Georgia now be considered Quarterback U?

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Can Georgia now be considered Quarterback U?

Jake Fromm (11)

The Georgia football program roped three five-star quarterbacks in the last three seasons. Despite Jacob Eason transferring to Washington to further his career, the Bulldogs still have Jake Fromm and Justin Fields. By landing such firepower at the signal caller position, does this officially make Georgia the new Quarterback U? With what Fromm did in his first season as a true-freshman and the hype surrounding him and Fields, it’s safe to say Georgia’s well on its way to being Quarterback U.
Most schools have one “all-world” quarterback with a few backups that could step up if needed. Well, Georgia has two. Jake Fromm and Justin Fields came to Georgia as some of the most sought-after quarterbacks in the country. In 2017, according to Rivals, Fromm ranked as the No. 20 overall player and the No. 3 pro-style quarterback. The following year, Rivals ranked Fields as the No. 1 dual-threat quarterback and the No. 2 overall player.
Spring camp seemed like deja vu in the sense of what Georgia went through with Fromm and Eason. However, it’s different this year because both offer something unique.
Fields is naturally athletic and can do just about whatever he wants on the field. Isaac Nauta made it a point to say that it wasn’t only his legs that makes him impressive.
“He’s got a cannon and is a big physical kid, Nauta says. “He’s a really good kid too; I like the way he acts and his demeanor. Doesn’t have too big of a head and is very level-headed.”
Fromm, on the other hand, brings so much knowledge to the game. He led the team to its first national championship appearance in 36 years. Fromm stays composed and never showed how young he was.

Justin Fields (1)

Lamont Gaillard, the starting center for Georgia, says that it’s his poise that stands him apart as a quarterback. Gaillard also mentioned that his leadership skills are one of the things that make him so good.
“He gets everybody on the same page from the receivers to the o-line and the backs,” Gaillard says. “And he takes his time. He knows what to do, and he follows through for us.”
Andrew Thomas, another lineman who came in at the same time as Fromm, said similar things about him.
“His knowledge of the game is just crazy. Some of the things he sees and the plays he checks to are just perfect. Sometimes we don’t even see it.”
By having two unique quarterbacks, Georgia is stacked and can go either way; thereby making it difficult for opposing teams’ game planning. 
Most everyone knows that Fromm is special. He became a crowd favorite early on last season. However, some of his teammates think he reminds them of two NFL quarterbacks.
Gaillard notes that Fromm reminds him of Aaron Rodgers.
“I see him as an Aaron Rogers type guy. He’s smart, and he knows how to get things on the move,” Gaillard said.
Thomas was another to compare Fromm to one of the greatest NFL quarterbacks to play. When asked, he didn’t hesitate and had a name ready.
“Probably Peyton Manning. That’s a joke that we have,” Thomas said. “We do a drill; it’s a check drill where we change the play to whatever you want to call it, and Coach Smart tells Jake not to be Peyton Manning — because he tries to get the call perfect every time.”
Regardless of whom he’s compared to, Fromm brings something unique to the table, and his teammates see it.
Georgia’s success at quarterback shouldn’t stop at Fields and Fromm.
For the 2019 class, the Bulldogs continue hunting some of the best quarterbacks in the country. Jayden Daniels, Jacob Zeno, and Joey Yellen are three guys that Georgia has its sights on. Daniels is one of the best dual-threat guys in the country while Zeno and Yellen are talented pro-style quarterbacks. It seems the Bulldogs want another west-coast quarterback, and only time will tell which quarterback commits to the ‘G’ next.
Georgia’s staff already has some 2020 quarterbacks in mind too. Max Johnson, from Oconee County, is high on the Bulldogs’ list. The pro-style quarterback is the son of FSU great Brad Johnson. As a rising junior, he’s already one of the most sought-after quarterbacks in the country, and Georgia’s right in the mix.
The Bulldogs continue to prove they will go after the best quarterbacks and bring them to Athens. By 2020, Georgia will be the QBU.

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